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Archived News

03/11/2014 Annual General Meeting of the Society of Solicitor Advocates
The 2014 AGM will take place on Thursday 13 November 2014 in the SSC Lounge, Edinburgh at 5pm
30/10/2014 SYLA Criminal Day Conference
SYLA are pleased to announce, in association with the Society of Solicitor Advocates and Fortis Chambers, the Criminal Day Conference will take place on Saturday 29 November 2014.
08/09/2014 Advocacy Training Skills
This event has been jointly developed by The Law Society of Scotland and the Society of Solicitor Advocates to ensure you are equipped with the correct advocacy skills.

The sessions are designed to assist practitioners involved in civil, criminal or tribunal work. Recent participants have ranged from trainees to senior partners.

30/04/2013 Partnerships Bill becomes law
The Partnerships (Prosecution) (Scotland) Act 2013 received Royal Assent last week.
26/04/2013 New ways to sign and deliver contracts
The Scottish Law Commission (SLC) has published a report looking at the best way to sign and deliver contracts.
22/04/2013 Shrieval appointment for solicitor advocate
The Scottish Government has announced the appointment of solicitor advocate Andrew Miller as a floating sheriff for Grampian, Highland and Islands.
19/04/2013 Future of court structures
Proposals from the Scottish Court Service (SCS) to change the future structure of Scotland’s courts have been accepted by the Scottish Government.
15/04/2013 Shrieval appointments for Sol Advs
Two solicitor advocates - Paul Crozier and Susan Craig - have been appointed as sheriffs.
04/04/2013 New Procurator Fiscal for the North of Scotland
The Lord Advocate, Frank Mulholland QC, has announced the appointment of Liam Murphy to the post of Procurator Fiscal for the North of Scotland.
02/04/2013 New Bill introduced to improve regulation
The Regulatory Reform (Scotland) Bill, which is intended to make regulation more effective in Scotland, has been introduced to the Scottish Parliament.
29/03/2013 Change legalistic culture of tribunals, says CBI
The CBI has called on the Government to embark on a programme of wholesale culture-change of the employment tribunals system.
27/03/2013 EU consults on Merger Regulation
The European Commission is consulting on proposals to simplify certain procedures for notifying mergers under the EU Merger Regulation.
26/03/2013 Solicitor Advocate Introductory Course
The Society of Solicitor Advocates is running an Introductory Course for prospective Solicitor Advocates on Friday 10th May 2013
21/03/2013 EU to step up fight against organised crime
An EU Parliamentary committee is considering plans to establish a public prosecutor to protect its financial interests and introduce an EU-wide definition of Mafia-style crime.
19/03/2013 Late Payments Directive
An EU Directive designed to combat late payment in commercial transactions should now be integrated into the national law of Member States, says the European Commission.
A response to the Scottish Government Consultation Paper by the Society of Solicitor Advocates.
14/03/2013 Pre-Pack review
An independent review into pre-pack administration is to be launched later in the spring, according to the Government.
13/03/2013 EU rules on rapid consumer redress
EU shoppers will get easier access to mediation in disputes with traders over goods or services thanks to two new laws voted by the European Parliament
07/03/2013 Structured note-taking helps jurors
Jurors who are given a structured notebook to help them take notes about a trial are more likely to remember the details, according to new research.
05/03/2013 Offensive Behaviour Act - evaluation
The Scottish Government has commissioned an independent evaluation of the Offensive Behaviour and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act, a year after it came into effect.
27/02/2013 Court reform consultation published
The Scottish Government has published a Courts Reform consultation, which should lead to the biggest overhaul of the court structure in a generation.
27/02/2013 Scottish crown office announces iPads to be introduced to Scots courts in pilot trial
Procurator fiscal deputes will use a specially developed app on iPads.
26/02/2013 Supreme Court appointments
Lord Justice Hughes, Lord Justice Toulson and Lord Hodge have been appointed to the Supreme Court.
21/02/2013 Forthcoming changes to the UK Supreme Court's criminal jurisdiction in Scotland
With effect from 22 April 2013 the system for taking what are currently ECHR and EU devolution issues to court will change.
20/02/2013 Competition Commission’s findings on the audit market
The Competition Commission has published provisional findings following its market investigation into the supply of statutory audit services to large companies.
19/02/2013 Few bribery and corruption cases completed
Only eight cases of bribery and corruption have been completed in the UK in the past year, according to Ernst & Young’s UK Bribery Digest.
14/02/2013 Change to Debt Arrangement Scheme
The Scottish Government has announced a few minor changes to the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS).
12/02/2013 Earnings arrestments – changes coming
Some changes to earnings arrestment deductions and the Protected Minimum Balance (PMB) will come into force on 6th April.
07/02/2013 Victims and Witnesses Bill
The Scottish Government has published the Victims and Witnesses Bill, which is intended to put victims’ interests at the heart of improvements to the criminal justice system.
05/02/2013 Solicitor advocate appointed sheriff
The Scottish Government has announced the appointment of Alastair Carmichael, Solicitor Advocate, as a new floating sheriff based at Hamilton Sheriff Court.
31/01/2013 Insolvency figures improve
Personal and company insolvencies in Scotland have fallen for the second successive quarter of the 2012-13 financial year.
28/01/2013 New head of National Sexual Crimes Unit
The Lord Advocate has appointed Senior Advocate Depute, Alison Di Rollo to lead the National Sexual Crimes Unit
23/01/2013 Appointment of two new Judges
Morag Wise QC and Iain Armstrong QC have been appointed as Senators of the College of Justice
21/01/2013 FOI scrutiny extended
More organisations across Scotland will be open to scrutiny under Freedom of Information legislation, according to the Deputy First Minister.
17/01/2013 New plans to solve housing disputes
Steps to help resolve disagreements between tenants and landlords have been outlined in a new consultation.
15/01/2013 ECHR freedom of religion ruling
The ECHR has ruled in favour of a Christian woman who claimed her right to freedom of religion had been violated by her employer
11/01/2013 Sexual offending in England and Wales - overview
The UK Government has produced its first ever overview of sexual offending in England and Wales.
10/01/2013 Police Appeals Tribunal
Applications are invited from advocates and solicitors who have been practising as such for at least 5 years immediately prior to appointment to the Tribunal.
07/01/2013 UK national witness protection scheme
The Ministry of Justice has announced the creation of the first UK-wide witness protection service.
19/12/2012 Consultations on Carloway and Bowen proposals
The Scottish Government is consulting on responses received to the Carloway consultation, and on sheriff and jury reform.
18/12/2012 Access to asylum seekers' fingerprints
MEPs have voted in favour of giving EU law enforcement authorities access to asylum seekers' fingerprints in the Eurodac database, so long as their personal data are properly protected.
13/12/2012 Same sex marriage – consultation published
The Scottish Government is consulting on a draft Bill that will allow same sex marriage in Scotland.
11/12/2012 Review of UK electoral law
A full scale review of UK electoral law is being undertaken by the Scottish Law Commission, Law Commission for England and Wales and the Northern Ireland Law Commission.
07/12/2012 Cross-border case red tape reform goes ahead
Businesses and consumers will be able to resolve cross-border legal disputes more easily, thanks to a reform adopted by European justice ministers this week.
04/12/2012 Firearms offences fall
The total number of offences involving firearms recorded by the police decreased by 21% between 2010-11 and 2011-12, according to new figures from the Scottish Government.
28/11/2012 Launch of Instruct+
The Society of Solicitor Advocates (SSA) is delighted to announce the launch of an online enquiry system known as Instruct+
27/11/2012 Bribery Act and self-reporting – the first civil settlement
Details of the first civil settlement made under the Bribery Act self-reporting initiative were published last week.
22/11/2012 Unclogging the courts
Costly and spurious review cases which clog up the courts in England and Wales are to be reformed under plans announced by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling this week
21/11/2012 Progress for EU cross-border rules
The European Parliament has overwhelmingly backed European Commission proposals to help businesses and consumers resolve cross-border legal disputes more easily
20/11/2012 Move for Irvine JP Court
The Scottish Court Service has announced that Irvine JP Court will move to Kilmarnock from Monday 24th December.
23/10/2012 Judges respond to consultation on Carloway Report
The Judges of the High Court of Justiciary have now submitted their response to the Carloway consultation.
22/10/2012 Cameras in court - a review
A review is to be carried out into the use of television cameras in court.
02/10/2012 Lord Neuberger sworn in as new Supreme Court President
Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury has been sworn in as the new President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom
03/09/2012 New Master of the Rolls
The Right Honourable Lord Dyson has been appointed as Master of the Rolls...
26/07/2012 Court Fees Consultation
The Society of Solicitor Advocates has responded to the Court Fees Consultation.
11/04/2012 Appointments to new Prosecution Networks
Three senior procurators fiscal have been appointed to lead new prosecution' networks' ....
09/04/2012 Strengthened knife crime prosecution policy
Anyone arrested with a knife in Scotland's town and city centres will now prosecuted on petition ....
01/04/2012 EU cybercrime centre proposed
A proposal has been made by the European Commission to establish a European Cybercrime Centre ...
26/03/2012 Reform of tribunals in Scotland
As part of its ongoing review of Scotland's court and tribunals systems the Scottish Government has launched a consultation on reforming Scotland?s tribunal system.
23/03/2012 Appointment of Queen's Counsel
The Lord Justice General has launched the application process for those seeking recommendation for appointment as Queen?s Counsel in Scotland.
22/03/2012 Response to the Taylor Review
The Society of Solicitor Advocates has responded to the Taylor Review consultation and has come out strongly in favour of the existing systems for recovery of legal fees and expenses in civil cases
21/03/2012 Monies recovered from suspected
At Dumfries Sheriff Court, £34,350 was forfeited by Andrew Marc Ould under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) 2002.
21/03/2012 Government seeks views on dismissal rules
A Call for Evidence has been published in terms of which the current dismissal process is to be examined.
14/03/2012 Impact of bail reforms on SJR
A recent report publishes the findings from the Evaluation of the Impact of Bail Reforms on Summary Justice Reform.
12/03/2012 Crime does not pay: cracking down on criminal profits
The European Commission has proposed new rules for more effective and widespread confiscation of funds and other property acquired through crime.
08/03/2012 Report on summary justice reform
A report has been published by the Scottish Government, which aims to evaluate how far reforms to undertakings have succeeded in meeting their objectives under the ongoing process of Summary Justice reform.
06/03/2012 Judicial Discipline Consultation
A consultation has been launched by the Office for Judicial Complaints (OJC) on proposed changes to the procedures concerning the handling of complaints relating to and discipline of judges.
29/02/2012 POCA used to target drug dealers earnings
At the High Court in Edinburgh Confiscation Orders were granted recently against two convicted drug dealers from Dunfermline and Glasgow.
28/02/2012 Bankruptcy Law Consultation
A consultation has been launched containing recommendations on several aspects of bankruptcy law reform.
23/02/2012 Sheriff approves application for BRO
Scotland's insolvency service, Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB), recently secured another Bankruptcy Restriction Order (BRO) where an individual had behaved irresponsibly prior to the award of bankruptc
21/02/2012 Appointment of new sheriffs
Two new sheriffs have recently been appointed.
16/02/2012 Domestic abuse court pilot at Livingston
A dedicated domestic abuse court is being piloted at Livingston Sheriff Court from 16th February.
14/02/2012 2011 repossessions lowest since 2007
New data produced by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) reveals that the total number of properties taken into possession by first-security mortgage lenders in 2011 was 36,200.
09/02/2012 Report on criminal justice system
The success or value for money of services to reduce re-offending in Scotland cannot be determined based on the data currently gathered by the Government, says a new report by the Public Audit committee
09/02/2012 Report on criminal justice system
The success or value for money of services to reduce re-offending in Scotland cannot be determined based on the data currently gathered by the Government, says a new report by the Public Audit committee
06/02/2012 Lord Reed joins Supreme Court, as highest court joins Twitter
Lord Reed was sworn in as a Justice of the Supreme Court on 6th February 2012, taking the judicial bench of the highest court in the land to a full complement of twelve Justices.
03/02/2012 Fast-track justice
The Scottish Government has welcomed the encouraging results of a pilot project designed to speed up the punishment of low level offenders sentenced to a Community Payback Order.
31/01/2012 Crown pilots witness texting programme
The Crown and Procurator Fiscal Service has announced that it has launched a pilot to text witnesses to remind them to attend court.
27/01/2012 Royal Assent for Offensive Behaviour Bill
The Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act has now received Royal Assent.
25/01/2012 COPFS unveils CJSM
Secure email system introduced by COPFS
13/01/2012 Protective Expenses Orders
The Scottish Government is consulting on proposals for a costs capping scheme in cases challenging decisions by public authorities which impact on the environment.
10/01/2012 Call to safeguard information rights
The outgoing Scottish Information Commissioner, Kevin Dunion, will today recommend measures which he believes should be taken to safeguard and strengthen rights to information in Scotland.
13/12/2011 Domestic abuse court for Edinburgh
A domestic abuse court is to be piloted at Edinburgh Sheriff Court
13/12/2011 Partnerships - criminal liability
The Scottish Law Commission has published its Report on the Criminal Liability of Partnerships
21/11/2011 Carloway Review recommendations
A package of proposals to overhaul Scots criminal law has been unveiled following a year-long independent review by the High Court Judge, Lord Carloway.
15/11/2011 Taskforce to stamp out green crime
An Environmental Crime Taskforce is being set up in Scotland to tackle the growing problem of environmental crime - from illegal dumping to organised crime.
15/11/2011 AGM and Dinner 2011
The Society of Solicitor Advocates - AGM and Dinner will be held in the Grand Central Hotel, 99 Gordon Street, Glasgow on Thursday, November 17, 2011.
09/11/2011 Cold Case Unit identifies first cases
The first murders for re-investigation by the Crown Office Cold Case Unit have been identified from a list of 93 cases
07/11/2011 Pro bono call
Legal charity LawWorks Scotland is urging lawyers to make an annual donation of 10 hours of their time to mark the UK?s 10th Pro Bono Week
03/11/2011 Risk of crime falling
Fewer Scots are likely to become victims of crime, according to the largest survey of perceptions and experiences of crime carried out in Scotland.
29/09/2011 Scottish Civil Justice Council
The Scottish Government is consulting on plans to replace the existing civil rules councils with a single Scottish Civil Justice Council
22/09/2011 Standing Junior Counsel to the Scottish Government
The Lord Advocate is looking to appoint nine Standing Junior Counsel to act on behalf of the Scottish Government
19/09/2011 Frank Maguire
Former President of the Society, Frank Maguire died on Saturday at the age of 55
15/09/2011 Supreme Court jurisdiction - report published
The UK Supreme Court should still act as a court of appeal within the Scottish criminal justice system, but in an even more limited way, according to a report published this week
15/09/2011 Special Counsel
The Lord Justice General is inviting applications from advocates and solicitors seeking nomination to the list of special counsel.
12/09/2011 Crime figures at 35 year low
New official statistics reveal that recorded crime fell again last year to its lowest level since 1976.
30/08/2011 Appointment of Queen's Counsel
Solicitor Advocate, and Society of Solicitor Advocates' Vice President (Crime), John Scott has been appointed a Queen's Counsel. He is among ten new QCs appointed this week.
08/07/2011 Applications for Senior Advocate Deputes
The latest round of applications for the position of Senior Advocate Depute is underway. Applications should be submitted by 29th July 2011.
05/04/2011 Appointment of Queen's Counsel
Applications for the latest round of appointment as Queen's Counsel must be in by 26th April.