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Instruct+ Enquiry System

Instruct+ ® makes it easier for solicitors to refer work to one of our solicitor advocates, or to arrange court cover at short notice. 

Imagine that you have an appearance scheduled in the High Court in Glasgow, but you are also needed in Hamilton Sheriff Court later that same morning. You need help quickly, to give you time to properly instruct alternative representation.

Perhaps one of our solicitor advocates can help? But who?

Instruct+ allows you to complete a simple website form – with your details, the area of practice your case concerns, the date, time and location – and email it to those of our members who practice in that field. Members who have downloaded our Instruct+ app will also receive the message via the app, ensuring that they can respond quickly to enquiries, even when on the go.

If any are free, and interested, they will contact you directly, and you can then arrange cover as you would normally.

To use Instruct+, you’ll need to register first, then login and follow the simple instructions provided. Members don't need to register - just use your membership login details.

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If you have any queries check out the Instruct+ FAQs or get in touch with Ellen, our administrator, on 01506 846587, or email - 

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