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Solicitor advocates are specialist court lawyers with rights of audience in the Higher Courts in Scotland as well as in the Supreme Court and the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London.

This means that they can represent clients in the higher courts in the United Kingdom, alongside barristers and advocates.

So what are the benefits of instructing a solicitor advocate?

  • Unlike barristers and advocates, solicitor advocates do more than just the court-related work. They run the case from start to finish - carrying out all the necessary investigations, getting involved in all the details and preparing all the paperwork. This involvement means that they know the case inside out.
  • The fact that solicitor advocates are involved in all the details of a case, means that they can build a relationship with the client. Trust and good communication is very important when taking a case to court.
  • Solicitor advocates are usually part of a legal firm, with a supportive team behind them.
  • Solicitor advocates have to compete with other legal firms, which means that their charges are competitive too.
  • Solicitor advocates, like all other lawyers, must comply with standards of conduct and competence. These are set out by our regulatory body - the Law Society of Scotland.


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