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Download our Instruct+ App

Members of the Society of Solicitor Advocates can download our Instruct+ App, in order to receive Instruct+ enquiries on the go.

The Instruct+ app* works by sending a push message to your iPhone whenever an Instruct+ enquiry is sent to your email account. If you want to find out more about the enquiry, you then have to contact the enquirer direct. This is because the Instruct+ enquiry system relates only to the initial enquiry. All other communication between the parties is done outwith Instruct+.

You cannot send enquiries through the App either. You can only send enquiries by logging on to the Instruct+ enquiry system on this website.

*Please note - You must be an existing member of the Society of Solicitor Advocates with valid login privileges to use the App. You should also make sure that you enable push messages on the App - otherwise the messages will not get through!

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