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Latest News

23/10/2017 Employment tribunal fee refund scheme progresses
The Government has announced that the first people eligible for employment tribunal fee refunds are now able to apply.
16/10/2017 SCTS Move to Create Glasgow Tribunals Centre
The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service has announced plans for a new Tribunals Centre at 3 Atlantic Quay in Glasgow.
09/10/2017 Call for Evidence on law to fix problem with disclosure regime
MSPs have issued a Call for Evidence in respect of the disclosure regime, after the courts identified an incompatibility with the ECHR
05/10/2017 Limitation (Childhood Abuse) (Scotland) Act 2017 commences
A long-standing barrier to survivors of childhood abuse being able to take civil legal action pursuing damages has been abolished.
03/10/2017 New right of appeal at Investigatory Powers Tribunal - consultation
The Government has launched a consultation on draft rules governing proceedings at the Investigatory Powers Tribunal.
25/09/2017 Research into how juries reach decisions
Research into how juries reach decisions, including their use of the ‘not proven’ verdict, will be carried out over the next two years.
22/09/2017 The Contract (Third Party Rights) (Scotland) Bill
The Contract (Third Party Rights) (Scotland) Bill has been passed by the Scottish Parliament. It will establish a statutory basis for third party rights and ensure Scots law is flexible and fit for modern-day purposes.
20/09/2017 Modernisation of Summary Criminal Justice in Scotland
The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service (SCTS) has published a further report on possible modernisation of summary criminal justice in Scotland.
14/09/2017 Data laws to be made fit for digital age
The Government has outlined its plans to update data protection legislation for the modern era.
11/09/2017 Nuisance hedges legislation report
Overgrown hedges remain an issue because legislation is not always being used as effectively as it could be, according to a Holyrood Committee.
07/09/2017 Queen's Counsel Appointments
The Society of Solicitor Advocates is delighted at the announcement that solicitor advocate Tony Jones has been appointed Queen’s Counsel.
04/09/2017 Formation of contract - consultation
The Scottish Law Commission is seeking views on a working draft of a Bill on the formation of contract
31/08/2017 Corporate governance reforms
Business Secretary Greg Clark has set out the Government's corporate governance reforms to enhance the public's trust in business.
29/08/2017 Future of Crofting
A consultation on the priorities for future crofting law has been launched by Rural Affairs Secretary Fergus Ewing.
18/08/2017 Judicial Complaints Reviewer appointed
Cabinet Secretary for Justice Michael Matheson has announced the appointment of Ian Gordon as the third Judicial Complaints Reviewer.
14/08/2017 Holiday consumer rights proposals
Enhanced regulations will better protect an extra 10 million UK package holidays booked online, under proposals outlined by Consumer Minister Margot James.
11/08/2017 Sheriff Appeal Court to sit in Glasgow
The Sheriff Appeal Court is to sit in Glasgow for the first time next week.
07/08/2017 Strengthening data protection
In a statement of intent the Government has committed to updating and strengthening data protection laws through a new Data Protection Bill.
03/08/2017 CMA consults on penalties guidance
The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) is consulting on proposals to amend its penalties guidance
01/08/2017 Developing sentencing guidelines
The Scottish Sentencing Council is consulting on a draft guideline that will set out the principles underlying sentencing decisions and the purposes they seek to achieve.
27/07/2017 Mixed picture for Scots insolvencies
New figures from Accountant in Bankruptcy show fewer businesses becoming insolvent or entering receivership, but an increase in the number of personal insolvencies.
25/07/2017 Lady Hale appointed next President of Supreme Court
The Government has announced that Baroness Hale of Richmond will succeed Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury as President of the UK Supreme Court.
19/07/2017 Parental Bereavement (Pay and Leave) Bill
Employed parents who have lost a child will for the first time get statutory paid leave to grieve under a proposed new law
18/07/2017 Justice Vision and Priorities
he Scottish Government last week published a new ‘Vision and Priorities for Justice’ and its accompanying 2017-18 Delivery Plan.
14/07/2017 Report on prescription
The Scottish Law Commission has published a new Report making recommendations for the reform of negative prescription.
11/07/2017 Discussion Paper on remedies for breach of contract
In the final phase of its review of contract law, the Scottish Law Commission has published a Discussion Paper on remedies for breach of contract.
05/07/2017 Sharing images without consent
The Abusive Behaviour and Sexual Harm (Scotland) Act 2016 is now in force, making it easier to prosecute people who share intimate images without consent.
03/07/2017 Trafficking and Exploitation Prevention Orders
Trafficking and Exploitation Prevention Orders are now available for use by the courts as a means of protecting the public from perpetrators of human trafficking and exploitation.
29/06/2017 Space Industry Bill introduced
The Space Industry Bill has been introduced into the House of Lords.
27/06/2017 Change to Scottish limited partnership rules
The Scottish Partnerships (Register of People with Significant Control) Regulations 2017 came into force this week
22/06/2017 Evidence from child and vulnerable witnesses
The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service has published a report looking at the way evidence is taken from child and vulnerable witnesses.
20/06/2017 MSPs seek views on capping ‘no win no fee’ arrangements
The cost of going to court is to be examined by Holyrood’s Justice Committee as it begins its scrutiny of the Civil Litigation Bill by launching a call for evidence.
15/06/2017 Lay representatives, withdrawal of agents and judicial review
The Scottish Civil Justice Council has issued several sets of new rules that will come into force in July.
13/06/2017 Modernising fatal accident inquiries
Major changes that modernise the way fatal accident inquiries are carried out will come into force this week.
01/06/2017 ECtHR changes delivery of single judge decisions
The ECtHR has launched a new approach to the delivery of single judge decisions, allowing more detailed reasoning to be included.
30/05/2017 New measures on alcohol
Offences to combat underage drinking in public came into force earlier this month.
26/05/2017 Amendments to Simple Procedure & FAI Rules
The Scottish Civil Justice Council has published an Act of Sederunt that will amend the Simple Procedure Rules and the Fatal Accident Inquiry Rules.
22/05/2017 Consultation on animal welfare legislation
MSPs are consulting on proposed legislation that would ban the use of any non-domesticated animal travelling and performing in circuses.
17/05/2017 First tax chamber tribunal president appointed
The Scottish Government has announced the appointment of the inaugural Tax Chamber President of the First-tier Tribunal for Scotland.
15/05/2017 The Contract (Third Party Rights) (Scotland) Bill
Holyrood’s Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee has recommended that the general principles of the Contract (Third Party Rights) (Scotland) Bill be approved.
09/05/2017 First civil jury trial for Personal Injury Court
The first civil jury trial in the Sheriff Court since their re-introduction has taken place in the All-Scotland Personal Injury Court.
02/05/2017 New Administrative Sheriff
Sheriff Kenneth McGowan was recently appointed as the new Administrative Sheriff for the All-Scotland Sheriff Personal Injury Court.
27/04/2017 Keep children at heart of hearings system
Improvements are needed to ensure that children remain at the heart of the system designed to protect them, say MSPs
25/04/2017 New curbs against drug-driving
The Scottish Government is bringing in new curbs against motorists who endanger other road-users by taking the wheel under the influence of drugs.
20/04/2017 Committee backs Bill lifting time bar on childhood abuse civil litigation
Justice Committee endorses general principles of the Limitation (Childhood Abuse) Bill, but some aspects need further consideration
19/04/2017 Gender pay gap reporting now live
Earlier this month, the UK became one of the first countries to introduce gender pay gap reporting
13/04/2017 The Scottish Land Court
The Scottish Land Court is, as of 1st April, now one of ”the Scottish courts” as defined by the Judiciary and Courts (Scotland) Act 2008.
11/04/2017 Supreme Court confirms Scottish sitting dates
The UK Supreme Court has announced it will sit in Edinburgh between Monday 12th to Thursday 15th June 2017.
05/04/2017 New penalties for breaching financial sanctions
The Treasury’s Office of Financial Sanctions Implementation is now able to use powers to impose penalties for serious financial sanctions breaches
03/04/2017 FAI rules in force in June
Procedure rules that set out changes to the way Fatal Accident Inquiries (FAIs) are carried out are due to come into force on 15th June.
31/03/2017 Evidence of children and vulnerable witnesses
The Lord Justice Clerk has introduced a new Practice Note that is the first step towards transforming the way we take the evidence of children and vulnerable witnesses.
28/03/2017 Civil Justice Statistics published
The latest civil justice statistics show that 77,721 civil law cases were initiated across the Court of Session, sheriff courts and the newly established Sheriff Personal Injury Court in 2015-16
24/03/2017 New domestic abuse protocol
The Lord Advocate James Wolffe QC and Assistant Chief Constable Mark Williams have launched a new Joint Protocol on Domestic Abuse.
21/03/2017 New powers to tackle domestic abuse
A new Bill to strengthen the laws against those who psychologically abuse their partners using coercive and controlling behaviour has been introduced to the Scottish Parliament.
21/03/2017 SSA - 2017 Advocacy Training Sessions
The Society of Solicitor Advocates (SSA) will be running a programme of training sessions for 2017. The SSA are keen to promote good practice in court for all and as such these training sessions are open to all Solicitor Advocates and Solicitors.
16/03/2017 Stronger rights for shareholders in EU companies
MEPs have approved new rules that will give shareholders in EU companies a say on directors’ pay and make it easier for firms to identify their shareholders
13/03/2017 New rules for formal offers in settlement
The SCJC has announced the details of new Court Rules that will introduce a mechanism by which a pursuer can put forward a formal offer in settlement
02/03/2017 New law to protect children
New legislation to criminalise emotional abuse and neglect of children is to be introduced in Scotland.
28/02/2017 Views sought on the Contract (Third Party Rights) (Scotland) Bill
The Scottish Parliament’s Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee has issued a call for evidence on the Contract (Third Party Rights) (Scotland) Bill.
22/02/2017 New Tayside Commercial Court
A new court dedicated to dealing with commercial disputes is to be established in Tayside. It will sit in Dundee, Forfar and Perth Sheriff Courts.
21/02/2017 ‘Hedge rage’ legislation to be examined by committee
Legislation aimed at addressing the frustration caused by overgrown hedges will be examined by the Scottish Parliament’s Local Government and Communities Committee.
16/02/2017 Holyrood Committee launches gender pay gap inquiry
The Scottish Parliament’s Economy, Fair Work and Jobs Committee has launched an inquiry into the impact of equal pay.
13/02/2017 Fox hunting laws
The operation and enforcement of the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 is to be strengthened.
09/02/2017 Automatic cross-border recognition of adoptions
To protect adopted children’s best interests, MEPs earlier this month urged the EU Commission to require all EU countries to recognise each other’s adoption certificates automatically.
07/02/2017 Clarifying contract law
A Bill to reform contract law on third party rights was introduced to the Scottish Parliament last week.
02/02/2017 Independent review of legal aid
The Scottish Government has announced an independent review of legal aid to ensure it meets the changing needs of Scotland’s justice system.
31/01/2017 Review of hate crime legislation
The Scottish Government has announced a review of the suite of laws covering hate crime offences in Scotland.
26/01/2017 Merger investigations in smaller markets
The Competition and Markets Authority is consulting on changes to reduce the number of mergers it investigates in smaller markets.
24/01/2017 Community Empowerment Act
The asset transfer section of the Community Empowerment Act (Scotland) 2015 is now in force.
18/01/2017 Review of limited partnership business model
The Government has launched a review looking at the uses of ‘limited partnerships’ in the UK.
16/01/2017 Call for evidence on corporate economic crime
The Ministry of Justice has issued a call for evidence on whether further reform is needed to combat corporate criminality
13/01/2017 Code of practice for stop and search
The principles determining when police can use ‘stop and search’ powers have been set out in a new code of practice.
10/01/2017 Housing and Property Chamber consultation
The Scottish Government is consulting on new rules that will govern the operation of the Housing and Property Chamber of the new First-tier Tribunal
06/01/2017 Gender balance on public boards
The Scottish Government is consulting on a new Bill that aims to ensure gender balance on public boards in Scotland.
04/01/2017 New penalties for enablers of offshore tax evasion
New sanctions are now in force to deter individuals or corporates who take deliberate action to help others evade paying tax.
22/12/2016 Air Departure Tax
The Air Departure Tax (Scotland) Bill, replacing Air Passenger Duty in Scotland, has been formally introduced to the Scottish Parliament.
16/12/2016 New President for the SSA
John Scott QC, a partner at Capital Defence Lawyers, has become the new President of the SSA
15/12/2016 Draft Fatal Accident Inquiries Rules
The Scottish Civil Justice Council is consulting on the draft Fatal Accident Inquiries Rules, which detail how FAIs will work in practice.
13/12/2016 Childhood Abuse Bill – call for evidence
The three-year time limit that prevents childhood abuse survivors from seeking civil damages in court is the focus of a call for evidence.
09/12/2016 Smoking in cars with children
A new law which makes it illegal to smoke in a vehicle carrying anyone under 18 is now in force. Anyone caught breaking the law will be committing an offence carrying a fine of up to £1,000.
06/12/2016 Change to age of criminal responsibility?
The minimum age of criminal responsibility in Scotland is to be increased to 12, under plans set out by the Minister for Childcare & Early Years, Mark McDonald
01/12/2016 Penalty clauses in contracts
The SLC has published a Discussion Paper on the rule against penalty clauses in contracts, raising for consultation purposes the possibilities that the rule be abolished outright, or be completely replaced.
29/11/2016 UK set to ratify Unified Patent Court Agreement
The UK Government has confirmed it is proceeding with preparations to ratify the Unified Patent Court Agreement.
22/11/2016 Fox hunting laws reviewed
A report on the Protection of Wild Mammals (Scotland) Act 2002 has been submitted to the Scottish Government by the Rt Hon Lord Bonomy.
18/11/2016 Removing time-bar from civil actions against child abuse
Legislation to remove the three-year time limit that prevents childhood abuse survivors from seeking civil damages in court has been published in the Scottish Parliament.
15/11/2016 UK to opt in to revised Europol framework
The Government has announced that it intends to opt into a new regulation that gives legal footing to the new framework for Europol.
11/11/2016 Movement on cross-border family issues
Late last month the Government announced that it was going to opt in to a European Commission’s proposal to repeal a Regulation used in cross-border family matters.
03/11/2016 Electronic voting in industrial action ballots
The Government has announced that Sir Ken Knight will lead an independent review of electronic voting for industrial action ballots.
01/11/2016 Inquiry into the future world of work
The Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Commons Select Committee last week launched an inquiry into the future world of work
24/10/2016 Consultation on Tribunals regulations
The Scottish Government is consulting on draft regulations to implement part of the Tribunals (Scotland) Act 2014
12/10/2016 Human Trafficking Strategy
The Scottish Government is consulting on its Human Trafficking Strategy, which aims to disrupt perpetrators and improve support for victims.
10/10/2016 SSC announces first guidelines
The first set of guidelines to be developed by the Scottish Sentencing Council will include death by driving, and environment & wildlife offences.
06/10/2016 Response to third party rights proposals
The Scottish Government has issued a response welcoming the recommendations in an SLC report on third party rights.
04/10/2016 Expanding tagging sentences
The Scottish Government is to continue to expand the use of electronic tags to help reduce reoffending levels and keep communities safe
30/09/2016 FOI request handling has improved, says report
A new report has found that most Scottish public authorities appear to be getting better at handling Freedom of Information requests.
27/09/2016 Change in Sitting Dates
The Lord President has published a new Direction that sets out the sitting days for the Court of Session for the Legal Years 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19 and 2019/20.
23/09/2016 Queen’s Counsel appointments
Solicitor advocate Iain McSporran is among thirteen new Queen’s Counsel appointed by Her Majesty the Queen this week.
19/09/2016 Lords inquiry into legislative process
The House of Lords Constitution Committee has issued a call for evidence in respect of a new Inquiry into the legislative process.
15/09/2016 Commission proposes to update EU copyright rules
The EU Commission has set out proposals for the modernisation of copyright.
12/09/2016 MSPs consider COPFS
The effectiveness of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service (COPFS) as Scotland’s independent prosecutor is the subject of a major new inquiry by MSPs
08/09/2016 Diligence Review Consultation
The AiB is consulting on changes to diligence legislation that were introduced by the Bankruptcy and Diligence etc. (Scotland) Act 2007.
06/09/2016 Welfare powers transferred to Scottish Parliament
A number of new welfare powers have been transferred to the Scottish Parliament under the Scotland Act 2016.
01/09/2016 Increase in workplace discrimination of pregnant women
A report has called for new protections for pregnant women after an increase in workplace pregnancy discrimination in the past ten years.
31/08/2016 Named person orders laid before Parliament
Orders preventing the commencement of the named person provision of the Children and Young People (Scotland) Act 2014, for now, have been laid before Parliament
24/08/2016 New sanctions for offshore tax evaders
HM Revenue and Customs has set out plans for tough new sanctions for tax evaders.
22/08/2016 Fatal Accident Inquiries Report
The Inspectorate of Prosecution in Scotland last week published a thematic report on Fatal Accident Inquiries (FAIs).
11/08/2016 New statistics from SCRA
Recently published statistics from the Scottish Children’s Reporter Administration reveal a drop in the number of children and young people with Child Protection Orders received in 2015/16
08/08/2016 Bankruptcy (Scotland) Act 2016
The Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB) is consulting on draft regulations in advance of the coming into force of the Bankruptcy (Scotland) Act 2016 on 30th November 2016.
03/08/2016 New Sheriff Principal
The Scottish Government recently announced the appointment of Sheriff Craig Turnbull as Sheriff Principal of the Sheriffdom of Glasgow and Strathkelvin.
01/08/2016 Number of Scots insolvencies stabilises
Newly released figures from Accountant in Bankruptcy show that the number of personal insolvencies in Scotland has returned to trend
20/07/2016 New Vice President for Sheriff Appeal Court
Sheriff Principal Abercrombie, QC, has been confirmed as the new Vice President to the Sheriff Appeal Court.
18/07/2016 SLC issues report on JQT
The Scottish Law Commission has published a report recommending reform of the Scottish legal principle of jus quaesitum tertio.
14/07/2016 Transfer of new powers
New regulations will begin the transfer of powers to enable the Scottish Parliament to start legislating on social security and employability.
13/07/2016 Stronger protection for transatlantic data flows
The European Commission has adopted the EU-US Privacy Shield, a new framework that protects the fundamental rights of anyone in the EU whose personal data is transferred to the United States
07/07/2016 More urgent cases for Supreme Court
The Supreme Court has seen an increase in the number of cases in which it sits as a panel of more than five Justices or where parties request the urgent hearing of a case.
05/07/2016 Cross-border family proceedings - proposal
The European Commission has proposed improvements to the EU rules that protect children in the context of cross-border parental responsibility disputes
30/06/2016 People with Significant Control register goes live
The People with Significant Control (PSC) register, which requires companies to declare who owns or controls them to Companies House, is now live.
29/06/2016 Land Reform Act comes into force
The first parts of the Land Reform (Scotland) Act are now in force.
28/06/2016 National Cremation Investigation report
The Scottish Government has published the report from the National Cremation Investigation into circumstances surrounding historic infant cremation practices.
24/06/2016 SLAB appointments
The Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs has announced the appointment of Ray Macfarlane as Chair of the Scottish Legal Aid Board (SLAB), along with five new board members.
22/06/2016 Recorded crime drops 3.2%
New figures from Police Scotland reveal a drop of 3.2% in crime recorded between 1st April 2015 and 31st March 2016.
16/06/2016 Changes to the Third Parties (Rights against Insurers) Act 2010
New laws allowing a third party to issue proceedings directly against an insurer, removing the need to restore a dissolved company in order to make a claim, will come into force on 1st August.
07/06/2016 Law Officer appointments
The First Minister last week recommended the appointment of James Wolffe QC and Alison Di Rollo as Scotland’s new law officers.
01/06/2016 Human trafficking laws now in force
Measures contained in The Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Act 2015 are now in force.
31/05/2016 New trade secrets Directive
The EU Council has adopted a Directive setting out rules for the protection of trade secrets and confidential information of EU companies.
27/05/2016 IP (Unjustified Threats) Bill
The Intellectual Property (Unjustified Threats) Bill was introduced into Parliament last week by Minister for Intellectual Property (IP), Baroness Neville-Rolfe.
23/05/2016 New powers for the Scottish Parliament
The first law-making powers have transferred from Westminster to Holyrood under the Scotland Act 2016.
19/05/2016 Reconviction rates continue to fall
The proportion of people being reconvicted within 12 months has reached the lowest level in 17 years, according to new statistics.
17/05/2016 EU Court of Justice launches app
The Court of Justice of the European Union has launched its first app, called CVRIA, for smartphones and tablets.
12/05/2016 Senators appointed to College of Justice
The Scottish Government has announced the appointment of five new Senators to the College of Justice.
10/05/2016 Online processing in civil courts
The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service has announced that live testing of its new case management system will begin shortly.
04/05/2016 Redress for competition law breaches
The Competition and Markets Authority has published guidance explaining the redress options open to victims of competition law breaches.
03/05/2016 MEPs consider cross-border custody cases
MEPs have called for specialised chambers within EU countries' family courts to ensure that transnational cases are processed faster
28/04/2016 Personal insolvencies at fourteen year low
AiB has released official statistics reporting personal and company insolvencies in Scotland for the fourth quarter of 2015-16
26/04/2016 New Lord Justice Clerk installed
The Right Hon. Lady Dorrian has been installed as the new Lord Justice Clerk and President of the Second Division of the Court of Session.
22/04/2016 Money laundering reforms proposed
Home Secretary Theresa May has released an action plan setting out details of proposals to reform the UK’s anti-money laundering and terrorist finance regime.
19/04/2016 Appointment of Lord Justice Clerk
The Rt. Hon Lady Dorrian QC has been appointed as the new Lord Justice Clerk.
08/04/2016 New law to help UK’s rights holders
British creators and other rights holders who license their rights through ‘collective management organisations’ will soon benefit from increased oversight and control of these bodies.
04/04/2016 Summary Sheriffs
Summary Sheriffs began sitting in Scotland’s Sheriff Courts for the first time last week
31/03/2016 Strengthening domestic and sexual abuse law
The Scottish Parliament passed The Abusive Behaviour and Sexual Harm Bill earlier this month, tackling the way modern technology can be used to perpetrate abuse
23/03/2016 Bankruptcy consolidation Bill
Scottish laws on insolvency have been brought together into one piece of legislation for the first time in a generation with the passing of the new Bankruptcy (Scotland) Bill 2016 by the Scottish Parliament.
21/03/2016 Discussion paper on defamation law
The Scottish Law Commission has published a discussion paper on defamation law in the wake of changes to the law of England and Wales that took effect in 2013.
16/03/2016 Removing time bar
The Scottish Government has published a draft Bill that removes a barrier on survivors who were abused as children seeking civil damages in court.
14/03/2016 Support for vulnerable witnesses
The Scottish Government has published new figures that show vulnerable victims and witnesses are benefiting from more support when giving evidence in court
10/03/2016 Mental health consultation
The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on The Mental Health Act (Scotland) 2015, passed into law by the Scottish Parliament last year.
09/03/2016 Reform of the Posting of Workers Directive
The European Commission has set out a targeted revision of the rules on the posting of workers.
03/03/2016 Consultation on T&Cs
Complicated and extensive Terms and Conditions (T&Cs) that customers face, or all too often choose to ignore, are being reviewed by the UK Government
29/02/2016 SCTS publishes Evidence and Procedure Review - Next Steps
The SCTS has published its “Evidence and Procedure Review – Next Steps” report, recommending a new approach to ensure children and vulnerable witnesses are protected from further trauma while giving evidence
25/02/2016 Tackling human trafficking
A new law allowing life sentences for traffickers will come into effect on 31st May 2016
23/02/2016 SLC prescription Discussion Paper
The Scottish Law Commission has published a Discussion Paper on the law of prescription.
19/02/2016 Annual report on law reform
The SLC has published its Annual Report for 2015, highlighting the progress in law reform over the past year and the events held to mark the 50th anniversary of the Commission.
16/02/2016 Strengthening community justice
The Scottish Parliament passed The Community Justice (Scotland) Bill last week. The Bill lays the groundwork for a new decentralised model of community justice.
10/02/2016 Criminal Verdicts (Scotland) Bill
The Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee has refused to endorse the Criminal Verdicts (Scotland) Bill in its Stage 1 report on the Bill.
08/02/2016 First summary sheriffs appointed
Scotland’s first summary sheriffs have been appointed as part of the modernisation of the court system
04/02/2016 Interim report on electoral reform
The UK needs a new legal framework to govern the conduct of elections and referendums, according to an interim report by the UK Law Commissions
01/02/2016 Automatic early prison release ends
Changes to the system of automatic early release from prison are now in force, meaning that no long-term prisoner in Scotland will now be eligible for automatic release after two thirds of their sentence
29/01/2016 Modernising inheritance law
A Bill to reform succession laws, including the effects of divorce, dissolution or annulment on a will, has been passed by the Scottish Parliament.
27/01/2016 Insolvencies down by 11% since 2014
AiB has released official statistics reporting personal and company insolvencies in Scotland for the third quarter of 2015-16.
21/01/2016 Support for Abusive Behaviour Bill
The Justice Committee has published a report supporting the general principles of a Scottish Government Bill that aims to improve how the justice system responds to abusive behaviour.
20/01/2016 Apologies (Scotland) Bill passed
The Scottish Parliament has passed the Apologies (Scotland) Bill, which will remove a legal barrier to individuals and organisations apologising for a mistake.
15/01/2016 Committee support for tenancy reforms
The Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee has supported the general principles of the Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Bill
11/01/2016 Lord Carloway installed as Lord President
The Right Honourable Lord Carloway was installed last week as the new Lord Justice General and Lord President of the Court of Session
08/01/2016 Civil Sheriff Appeal Court open
The Civil Sheriff Appeal Court opened this week, hearing civil appeals from sheriff courts. It is the latest step in a major modernisation programme of Scotland’s courts.
05/01/2016 Consultation on domestic abuse offence
The Scottish Government recently launched a consultation to discuss how a specific offence to tackle domestic abuse across Scotland might be taken forward.
17/12/2015 Trademark reform progresses
Updates to make registering trademarks cheaper, quicker and more reliable for firms were approved by the European Parliament this week
14/12/2015 Fatal Accident Inquiry Bill passed
New laws to modernise the Fatal Accident Inquiry (FAI) process have been passed by the Scottish Parliament.
09/12/2015 Criminal Justice Bill passes Stage 3
A new law designed to reform the criminal justice system has been passed by the Scottish Parliament.
07/12/2015 EU Council adopts reform of General Court
The European Council of Ministers has adopted a regulation that should enable the General Court to face an increasing workload and ensure that legal redress in the EU is guaranteed within a reasonable time.
03/12/2015 Directive on Terrorism?
The European Commission has proposed a package of measures to step up the fight against terrorism and the illegal trafficking of firearms and explosives.
01/12/2015 Draft Investigatory Powers Bill
The Joint Committee on the Draft Investigatory Powers Bill has published a call for evidence.
26/11/2015 Draft Simple Procedure Rules
The Scottish Civil Justice Council is consulting on draft rules of court for the new simple procedure, which is due to be implemented in November 2016.
24/11/2015 Community Justice Bill passes Stage 1
Government plans to strengthen the community justice system in Scotland have passed Stage 1.
18/11/2015 Scottish Sentencing Council officially launched
The new Scottish Sentencing Council was officially launched earlier this week at an event in Parliament Hall, Edinburgh.
16/11/2015 Justice Committee looks at community justice arrangements
The Stage 1 report on the Community Justice (Scotland) Bill, which aims to create a new community justice model for Scotland, has been published.
12/11/2015 Call for evidence on bankruptcy legislation
The Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee has issued a call for views on the recently introduced bankruptcy consolidation Bill.
11/11/2015 Private Tenancies Bill tough on anti-social behaviour
Housing Minister Margaret Burgess has reaffirmed that anti-social behaviour is grounds for eviction under the new Private Tenancies Bill.
05/11/2015 Directive on presumption of innocence
A compromise text has been agreed on a Directive on the strengthening of certain aspects of the presumption of innocence and the right to be present at trial
03/11/2015 Bankruptcy consolidation bill introduced
The new Bankruptcy (Scotland) Bill 2016 has been introduced to the Scottish Parliament
28/10/2015 Insolvencies down by a quarter since 2014
New AiB figures show Scottish total personal insolvencies are 25.4% lower than in the same quarter a year ago.
26/10/2015 Unjustified threats on intellectual property rights
The IPO is consulting on the law relating to unjustified threats to sue for infringement of a patent, trademark or design right
14/10/2015 Call for evidence on tenancies
The Infrastructure and Capital Investment Committee has issued a call for written evidence as it prepares to scrutinise the Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Bill.
12/10/2015 Modernising the law on domestic and sexual abuse
The Scottish Government has introduced a Bill to improve access to justice for survivors of domestic abuse
07/10/2015 2005 Choice of Court Convention in force
The Hague Convention of 30 June 2005 on Choice of Court Agreements last week entered into force in 28 States
05/10/2015 Human Trafficking and Exploitation Bill
A new law introducing life sentences for traffickers was introduced in Scotland for the very first time last week, when the Scottish Parliament passed the Human Trafficking and Exploitation Bill.
01/10/2015 Consumer Rights Act 2015
Consumers now have extra legal protection when it comes to dealing with faulty goods, including digital content.
29/09/2015 Reform of short prison sentences?
The Scottish Government is consulting on new measures to tackle ‘ineffective’ short prison sentences
23/09/2015 New courts open
The new Criminal Sheriff Appeal Court and Sheriff Personal Injury Court opened their doors yesterday, marking the start of the new legal year and a major change in the Scottish justice system.
21/09/2015 New Enterprise Bill
The Government has published an Enterprise Bill that it says will back business to drive growth, create jobs and ensure economic security for all.
17/09/2015 New Investment Court System
The European Commission has approved a proposal for a new and transparent system for resolving disputes between investors and states – the Investment Court System.
16/09/2015 Action to reduce reoffending
The Scottish Government has announced new measures to make prison release dates more flexible.
10/09/2015 Record low crime levels
Recorded crime in Scotland has reached a record 41 year low, according to official statistics
07/09/2015 New measures to support victims and witnesses
New measures from the Victims and Witnesses (Scotland) Act 2014 are in now force.
04/09/2015 Collaboration on FAI improvements?
The Justice Committee has called for collaboration between the authors of two separate FAI-related Bills
01/09/2015 Changes to press reporting restrictions in court
Changes to the rules around press identification of children in criminal court cases are now in force.
27/08/2015 SCCRC appointments
The Cabinet Secretary for Justice has announced three appointments to the Scottish Criminal Case Review Commission (SCCRC), including that of solicitor advocate Colin Dunipace.
24/08/2015 Six specialist sheriffs appointed
Six specialist Personal Injury sheriffs have been appointed to the new Sheriff Personal Injury Court
21/08/2015 Competition compensation schemes guidance
New guidance has been published by the Competition and Markets Authority on voluntary redress schemes in competition cases.
19/08/2015 Fall in crime on Britain’s railways
Crime on Britain’s railways has fallen by 8% this year, when compared to 2013/14, according to the British Transport Police
14/08/2015 Fall in referrals to the Reporter
There was a 16.9% drop in the number of referrals to the Reporter over the past year, says the SCRA.
10/08/2015 UK launches International Corruption Unit
The UK is stepping-up its work to investigate cases of international corruption affecting developing countries through a new specialist unit.
07/08/2015 Alcohol licence ban removed
A five year ban on holding a personal alcohol licence for people who failed to undertake refresher training has been removed from Scottish law
04/08/2015 Updated unfair contract terms guidance
Businesses are being offered help in complying with consumer law through updated guidance from the CMA on unfair contract terms.
31/07/2015 Appointment of new sheriffs
Solicitor Advocate Chris Dickson and Olga Pasportnikov have been appointed as sheriffs of Grampian, Highland and Islands.
27/07/2015 Late payment proposals
The Government has set out plans for a Small Business Commissioner to help tackle payment disputes and other unfair practices in the UK
22/07/2015 Debt disputes still falling
The number of debt cases being considered by Scottish courts has continued to fall for the fifth year in a row, according to the latest civil justice statistics.
20/07/2015 Penalties for online copyright theft
The UK Government has launched a consultation on plans to increase the maximum sentence for commercial-scale online copyright infringement.
15/07/2015 Trade Union Bill introduced
The Government has introduced the controversial Trade Union Bill, which will reform the UK’s strike laws.
13/07/2015 FCA enforcement investigation referrals
The FCA has updated the criteria and outlined the process it uses when deciding whether to make an enforcement investigation referral
24/06/2015 Prisoners (Control of Release) (Scotland) Bill
A Bill to end automatic early release from prison for the most serious offenders has been passed by the Scottish Parliament.
22/06/2015 New plans for women in custody announced
Scotland is to adopt a new approach to dealing with female offenders with a move towards custody in the community
18/06/2015 Succession (Scotland) Bill
The Succession (Scotland) Bill was introduced into the Scottish Parliament earlier this week.
15/06/2015 Drop in hate crime in Scotland
Newly published statistics show that over the last year there has been a drop of 9% in the number of racial crimes committed in Scotland.
11/06/2015 EU trademarks reform progresses
The European Council’s Permanent Representatives Committee this week approved a compromise agreement on the reform of the European trademark system.
10/06/2015 Greater protection for patients
New measures to improve patient safety and rights are included in a new Health Bill, published in the Scottish Parliament last week.
05/06/2015 Reminder about rules changes
The Scottish Civil Justice Council has highlighted two Acts of Sederunt that will be coming into force on 22nd September.
02/06/2015 Historical abuse of children in care Inquiry
The Scottish Government announced last week that Susan O’Brien QC will chair the statutory national public Inquiry into historical abuse of children in care.
29/05/2015 Advocate General for Scotland appointed
The UK government has announced that Richard Keen QC has been appointed as the Advocate General for Scotland.
27/05/2015 Sheriff Appeal Court appointments
The Lord President has confirmed the appointment of Sheriff Principal Mhairi Stephen QC as the President of the new Sheriff Appeal Court and Sheriff Principal Craig Scott QC as Vice President.
26/05/2015 Scottish Parliament - Official Report - Justice Committee - 19 May 2015
The Society of Solicitor Advocates were invited to give evidence regarding: Inquiries into Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths etc (Scotland) Bill: Stage 1.
Tom Marshall represented the Society.
26/05/2015 Inquiries into Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths etc (Scotland) Bill
Tom Marshall thanked the committee for the opportunity to give evidence on behalf of the Society on 19 May.
21/05/2015 Views sought on Community Justice Bill
The Justice Committee has issued a call for written evidence as it prepares to consider the Community Justice (Scotland) Bill.
19/05/2015 Enterprise Bill commitment
The Government is to bring forward a new Enterprise Bill that will include plans for a new Small Business Conciliation Service to help settle disputes over payment.
15/05/2015 Proposed alcohol legislation – call for views
The Health and Sport Committee is seeking views on proposed legislation aimed at promoting public health and reducing alcohol related offending
13/05/2015 View Supreme Court proceedings
The UK Supreme Court last week launched an on-demand video archive of past hearings
The Scottish Ministers invite applications from suitably qualified individuals who wish to be considered for appointment as Deputy Chair of the Scottish Land Court. This is a part-time appointment.
08/05/2015 Community Justice (Scotland) Bill
The Scottish Government has published the Community Justice (Scotland) Bill, which will create a new model for community justice in Scotland.
07/05/2015 Evidence and Procedure Review – Workshops
The Scottish Courts and tribunals Service will be running a programme of workshops in relation to the Evidence and Procedure Review
05/05/2015 FAI Bill evidence session
The Justice Committee will today host its first evidence session on the Inquiries Into Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths etc (Scotland) Bill.
01/05/2015 ‘Establishment’ in collective redundancies
The Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled on the meaning of the term 'establishment' in collective redundancies
27/04/2015 Support for Human Trafficking Bill
The Justice Committee has supported the general principles of the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Bill
22/04/2015 Further delay to corroboration abolition
Plans to end the requirement for corroboration in criminal trials have been put on hold, says the Scottish Government
21/04/2015 EU money laundering rules progress
New EU rules aimed at preventing money laundering and terrorist financing were approved by the Council of Ministers this week
17/04/2015 Cross-border recovery of small debts
Plans to improve a simplified procedure for low-value cross-border claims have been backed by MEPs
13/04/2015 Bankruptcy and Debt Advice (Scotland) Act
The Bankruptcy and Debt Advice (Scotland) Act came into force on 1st April, updating the country's systems of debt advice and debt management.
02/04/2015 Stop and Search review
A new independent advisory group is to be established to examine the use of stop and search powers in Scotland.
30/03/2015 Private rented sector reforms
The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on reforming private sector tenancy laws, in the hope of removing the fear of eviction and helping tenants to assert their rights.
23/03/2015 Modernising the FAI process
The Scottish Government has published a Bill strengthening the Fatal Accident Inquiry Process in Scotland
19/03/2015 Support for early release Bill
The Justice Committee has published a report welcoming plans to end the current system of automatic early release for certain types of prisoner
18/03/2015 Insolvency proceedings: new EU rules
New EU-wide rules on insolvency proceedings took a step forward this month when the Council of Ministers adopted its position on the draft regulation at first reading.
13/03/2015 Report of the Evidence and Procedure Review
The Report was published today by the Scottish Court Service. The Review was a Scottish Court Service research project led by the Lord Justice Clerk, Lord Carloway.
10/03/2015 New rights for carers
The Scottish Government has published a new Carers Bill, which will enshrine carers’ rights in law for the first time in Scotland.
04/03/2015 Review of agricultural crime prosecution policy
The Solicitor General, Lesley Thomson QC, has announced a full review of the way agricultural crimes are prosecuted in Scotland.
03/03/2015 Redress in competition cases
The CMA has launched a consultation on draft guidance on its power to approve redress schemes offered in competition cases.
27/02/2015 Court fees consultation
The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on the level of fees charged by Scottish Courts.
25/02/2015 Legal Writings Bill approved
The Scottish Parliament has approved the Legal Writings (Counterparts and Delivery) (Scotland) Bill, which is designed to speed up the process of “getting the deal in writing”
18/02/2015 Scottish Sentencing Council date announced
The Scottish Government has confirmed that the new Scottish Sentencing Council (SSC) will be established by October this year.
17/02/2015 The Insurance Act 2015
The Insurance Bill received Royal Assent last week, implementing reforms recommended by the Law Commissions of England and Wales and of Scotland
12/02/2015 Cross-border sharing of traffic offender data
The European Parliament has approved revised rules on the cross-border sharing of traffic offenders’ data. The aim is to ensure that drivers who commit offences while abroad in the EU do not escape fines.
09/02/2015 SLC publishes new Programme
The Scottish Law Commission has published its Ninth Programme of Law Reform, setting out the work it plans to undertake over the next three years.
04/02/2015 Reform of automatic early release
First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced an end to the current system of automatic early release for all offenders serving more than four years.
02/02/2015 The expenses and funding of civil litigation
The Scottish Government is seeking views on its proposals to reform the expenses and funding of civil litigation.
28/01/2015 Court Reform timetable
In a speech this week at the Holyrood Digital Justice Conference, the Lord President set out the timetable for the commencement of provisions of the Courts Reform (Scotland) Act 2014.
26/01/2015 Concerns over community ‘right-to-buy’ proposals
The 'devil's in the detail', according to a Parliamentary Committee report on the community right to buy proposals.
20/01/2015 Action needed to protect FOI
The Scottish Information Commissioner has warned that immediate steps must be taken to protect FOI rights when outsourcing public services.
19/01/2015 Consultation response on Discipline & Grievance Code
Acas has published a slightly revised draft of its Code of Practice on disciplinary and grievance procedures
14/01/2015 Prison monitoring reforms approved
A new system to improve the way in which prisons are monitored in Scotland is to be introduced.
12/01/2015 Better protection for victims of violence
New EU rules are now in force ensuring that victims of violence will be able to guarantee themselves better protection in any EU Member State.
07/01/2015 Two new sheriffs
The Scottish Government has announced that Gillian Wade QC and Simon Collins QC have both been appointed as floating sheriffs of Tayside, Central and Fife.
17/12/2014 Reform of compulsory purchase?
The Scottish Law Commission has published a Discussion Paper on Compulsory Purchase in Scotland, suggesting that a new statute is required.
15/12/2014 New debt management initiative
New rules will allow small and medium businesses in Scotland to continue to trade while dealing with debts.
10/12/2014 Tax avoidance and unfair tax competition - agreements
The European Council of Ministers this week achieved two breakthrough agreements towards combating corporate tax avoidance and aggressive tax planning.
08/12/2014 Changes to EU insolvency rules
EU Justice Ministers have agreed to modernise insolvency rules to make it easier for businesses to restructure and for creditors to get their money back
04/12/2014 Social media prosecution policy revealed
COPFS has launched written policy guidance on communications sent via social media, to clarify when such communications will amount to criminal conduct
02/12/2014 Shared Parental Leave regulations
New Shared Parental Leave regulations are in force, giving parents greater flexibility in how they share the care of their child
28/11/2014 Late payment consultation
New proposals obliging large and listed companies to publish detailed information about their payment practices and performance have been unveiled
25/11/2014 Recorded crime reaches 40 year low
Recorded crime in Scotland has reached a record 40 year low, according to the newly published Recorded Crime Statistics
19/11/2014 Parliament passes lower drink drive limit
A lower drink drive limit for Scotland will come into force on 5th December after the Scottish Parliament unanimously voted in favour of the new law.
18/11/2014 Legal Writings Bill progresses
Legislation that will make it easier and more efficient to complete contracts in Scots law has been supported by the Delegated Powers and Law Reform Committee.
13/11/2014 Banking market investigation
The CMA has announced the independent members of the group for its investigation into the supply of personal current accounts and of banking services to SMEs.
11/11/2014 Directive on antitrust damages actions
The EU Council of Ministers has formally adopted a Commission proposal for a Directive on antitrust damages actions
05/11/2014 Child maintenance credit rating implications
Government proposals could affect the credit rating of separated parents who fail to contribute financially to the upbringing of their children
04/11/2014 Workplace accident statistics released
The Health and Safety Executive recently released the latest statistics on injury and ill-health in the workplace
30/10/2014 Automatic exchange of tax information
The UK, alongside 50 other countries and jurisdictions from across the globe, has signed a new agreement to allow the automatic exchange of tax information
27/10/2014 Lower drink-drive limit
The Scottish Government has laid an order in Parliament that, if approved, will bring in a reduced drink-drive limit.
15/10/2014 Date set for first Same Sex Marriages
The provisions relating to same sex marriage in the Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Act 2014 look set to come into force on 16th December 2014.
13/10/2014 Wilful neglect to be made an offence
Consultation launched on new legal protections against ill-treatment or wilful neglect in the NHS or social care in Scotland.
08/10/2014 Parliament approves Courts Reform Bill
The Courts Reform (Scotland) Bill has been approved by the Scottish Parliament. Once in force, the Bill will result in the biggest modernisation of Scotland’s courts in a generation.
06/10/2014 More security for tenants
Plans to give tenants more security of tenure are proposed in a new consultation launched by the Housing Minister Margaret Burgess this week.
01/10/2014 New consumer rights
Consumers will have greater powers to challenge unscrupulous rogue traders and get their money back under new rights that came into force on 1st October.
30/09/2014 Criminalising forced marriage
New legislation is now in force making it a criminal offence to force someone into marriage in Scotland.
26/09/2014 Regulatory changes for second charge mortgages
The FCA has set out plans to bring second charge mortgages under FCA mortgage rules and laid out how it intends to implement the Mortgage Credit Directive.
24/09/2014 EHRC consults on strategic litigation policy
The EHRC is seeking views on its strategic litigation policy, in order to make sure that resources are deployed to maximum impact
18/09/2014 New Scottish Land Court Chairman
Sheriff Roderick John MacLeod QC has been appointed Chairman of the Scottish Land Court and as the President of the Lands Tribunal for Scotland.
16/09/2014 Insurance Bill introduced
The Government has introduced the Insurance Bill to Parliament, with the intention of updating the 100 year-old rules governing contracts between businesses and insurers.
10/09/2014 Getting money back from doorstep traders
The Supreme Court this week issued a ruling on the right of consumers to get money back from doorstep traders.
05/09/2014 Pilot right to rent measures
Government plans to require private landlords to check whether prospective tenants are entitled to be in the UK took a step forward this week.
02/09/2014 Shared parental leave eligibility
Couples finding out now that they are expecting a child will be among the first eligible to take advantage of new shared parental leave – which comes into force in April next year.
29/08/2014 Strange compensation offers
Most consumer complaints are resolved with a simple apology and, perhaps, a small offer of compensation. However, some of these compensation offers can be very strange indeed, as a new survey has revealed.
25/08/2014 Consultation on zero hours exclusivity ban
A consultation is underway to help identify and close potential loopholes in plans to ban the use of exclusivity clauses in zero hours contracts
22/08/2014 Consultation on sanctions for doctors
The GMC is consulting on plans to protect patients, including tougher sanctions and an expectation that doctors will apologise to patients if they have caused them any harm.
20/08/2014 Scottish Clare’s Law pilot areas announced
Police Scotland has announced that a disclosure scheme for domestic abuse is to be piloted in Aberdeen City and Ayrshire from November.
11/08/2014 Further changes to child maintenance system
The last of a series of radical changes to the child maintenance system was implemented today
08/08/2014 Protecting human rights in psychiatric hospitals
More must be done to protect the human rights of patients in psychiatric hospitals, according to the Scottish Human Rights Commission.
05/08/2014 Data breaches within the legal profession
The ICO has issued a warning after receiving fifteen recent reports of data breaches involving the legal profession in England and Wales.
17/07/2014 Morbid obesity a disability?
Morbid obesity may amount to a ‘disability’ for the purposes of the Equal Treatment in Employment Directive, according to Advocate General Jääskinen.
14/07/2014 Ruling on income threshold in family migration
The English Court of Appeal has ruled that the income threshold under the new family migration rules is lawful.
09/07/2014 Appointment of new sheriffs
Two solicitor advocates are among six new sheriffs recently appointed by Her Majesty the Queen, on the recommendation of the First Minister.
07/07/2014 All time low in fatal injuries to workers
The number of workers killed in Britain last year has fallen to the lowest annual rate on record, according to the latest statistics from the HSE
02/07/2014 Consultation into FAIs
The Scottish Government has launched a consultation on proposals to modernise the law relating to Fatal Accident Inquiries.
30/06/2014 Child Maintenance changes
A new child maintenance system comes into force today alongside the start of a phased closure of cases currently run by the Child Support Agency.
25/06/2014 Equally Safe strategy launched
A new strategy aims to eradicate all forms of violence against women and girls, creating a society where all can feel equally safe and respected.
23/06/2014 Mental Health Bill published
Scottish Ministers have published the Mental Health (Scotland) Bill, which will ensure that victims of crime are notified when offenders are released from mental health institution.
20/06/2014 Buildings Bill passes Stage 3
A new law that will allow local councils to recover debts they have incurred when taking on enforcement work on dangerous or defective buildings, has been passed by the Scottish Parliament.
16/06/2014 New EU consumer rights now in force
The new EU Consumer Rights Directive, which is designed to strengthen consumer rights wherever they shop in Europe, is now in force.
12/06/2014 More action on IP crime
A new report has been published looking at the extent of intellectual property crime and the UK's response to it.
09/06/2014 Children in criminal proceedings
EU Justice Ministers have agreed a general approach to special safeguards for children during criminal court proceedings.
04/06/2014 Government responds to Taylor Review
The Scottish Government has confirmed that it accepts, in principle, all the recommendations made by Sheriff Principal Taylor in his review of the expenses and funding of litigation.
02/06/2014 Most social work orders include unpaid work
More social work orders than ever before contain an element of unpaid work, according to figures released last week.
28/05/2014 Phase II of court restructuring
Phase II of the court restructuring being carried out by the Scottish Court Service (SCS) is set to begin on 31st May.
26/05/2014 Sports corruption treaty moves forward
The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has given a green light to a proposed treaty that will tackle corruption in sport.
23/05/2014 Committee considers marginalisation of fathers
The Scottish Parliament’s Equal Opportunities Committee has published a report on Fathers and Parenting, challenging the presumption that ‘parent’ means mother.
19/05/2014 The Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill
The Scottish Government has published the Air Weapons and Licensing (Scotland) Bill, which aims to tighten access to air weapons in Scotland
15/05/2014 Contract law reform
The Scottish Government has introduced the Legal Writings (Counterparts and Delivery) (Scotland) Bill into the Scottish Parliament.
12/05/2014 Committee queries Courts Reform Bill
The Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee has queried key aspects of the Courts Reform (Scotland) Bill, which seeks to reform Scottish civil court processes.
08/05/2014 New approach to domestic abuse
The Solicitor General has called for a new approach to the problem of domestic abuse in Scotland.
05/05/2014 Quotas for public boards?
The Scottish Government is consulting on proposed mandatory quotas to ensure at least 40% of public boards are made up of women.
30/04/2014 New statistics on zero-hours contracts
A new snapshot survey by the ONS has shown that employers are using around 1.4 million employee contracts that do not guarantee a minimum number of hours.
28/04/2014 Delay to Criminal Justice Bill
The Stage 2 deliberations into the Criminal Justice Bill are now set to take place after Lord Bonomy’s review group has reported in Spring 2015.
23/04/2014 Downward trend in personal insolvencies continues
New figures from the Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB) show that personal insolvencies in Scotland are down again this quarter.
22/04/2014 IP infringement – threats to sue
In a move that will have implications north of the border, the English Law Commission has published a report recommending reforms to intellectual property rules.
09/04/2014 Data Retention Directive invalid
The Court of Justice of the European Union has issued a ruling declaring the Data Retention Directive to be invalid.
07/04/2014 Automatic early release under consideration
The Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee has published a call for evidence on proposals to end automatic early release for some offenders.
03/04/2014 New competition authority
The Competition and Markets Authority began work this week as the UK’s primary competition and consumer agency.
31/03/2014 Damage claims for antitrust law
The EU is looking at new rules that will facilitate damage claims by victims of antitrust violations.
28/03/2014 SLC considers third party rights contract rights
The Scottish Law Commission is seeking comments on a number of proposals to update and reform third party contractual rights in Scotland.
24/03/2014 Fall in number of civil sheriff court cases
New statistics have shown a 41% drop in the number of civil disputes in Scottish courts over the last four years
19/03/2014 Crackdown on human trafficking
A proposed Human Trafficking Bill has been announced by Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill.
The Society of Solicitor Advocates welcomed the opportunity to respond to the Justice Committee’s request for evidence on the Courts Reform Bill.
17/03/2014 Tribunal reform progresses
Reform of the Scottish tribunals system took a step forward last week as the Tribunals Bill passed Stage 3 of the Scottish Parliamentary process.
14/03/2014 The European Investigation Order Directive
The EU Council of Ministers has adopted a Directive regarding the European Investigation Order in criminal matters.
11/03/2014 Consumer ADR consultation
The Government is consulting on plans for an alternative dispute resolution scheme for consumers.
05/03/2014 New regulator for payment systems industry
A new regulator to oversee UK payment systems will be in place by April 2015 and so the Financial Conduct Authority is seeking views on key issues facing the sector
03/03/2014 European Investigation Order rules
MEPs have approved new rules that should allow a better response to judicial authorities asking their colleagues in another EU country to carry out investigations there.
27/02/2014 Corroboration review group - membership
Lord Bonomy has confirmed the membership of the reference group that will look at additional safeguards that might be needed when the corroboration requirement is abolished.
25/02/2014 CMS Employer Self Service launches
The UK Government has launched a service that will make it easier for businesses to deduct child maintenance from employees’ wages.
20/02/2014 Children and Young People Act passed
The Scottish Parliament has passed the Children and Young People Act, which is designed to provide greater support for children and families.
19/02/2014 Civil court reform – call for evidence
The Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee is looking for views on the Courts Reform (Scotland) Bill, which will make major changes to the Scottish civil courts system.
13/02/2014 Health and Work Service proposed
The Government has revealed details of its planned new Health and Work Service, which is designed to tackle the problems posed by people on long term sick leave
11/02/2014 Corroboration reference group
A reference group will consider what additional safeguards will be necessary if the corroboration reforms are implemented.
07/02/2014 Courts Reform (Scotland) Bill published
The Scottish Government has published the Courts Reform (Scotland) Bill, which will introduce major changes to Scotland’s civil courts.
04/02/2014 Same sex marriage Bill passed
The Scottish Parliament has passed the Same Sex Marriage Bill, which will introduce same sex marriage into Scotland for the first time.
29/01/2014 Guide to European data protection law
The Council of Europe and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights have launched a practical guide to European data protection law.
27/01/2014 Forced marriage proposals approved
The Scottish Parliament has approved UK-wide legislation that will make forced marriage a criminal offence in Scotland.
22/01/2014 Intellectual Property Bill moves forward
The Intellectual Property Bill was given its second reading in the House of Commons this week.
20/01/2014 Equality rules implemented EU-wide
EU rules to tackle discrimination have now been implemented by all Member States, according to a new report
17/01/2014 Call for action on child sexual exploitation
The Scottish Parliament’s Public Petitions Committee has published a report on child sexual exploitation, warning that more needs to be done to tackle the issue.
13/01/2014 New Chairman of the Scottish Law Commission
The new Chair to the Scottish Law Commission has been appointed: the Hon Lord Pentland will succeed Lady Clark of Calton in the post.
10/01/2014 More to be done on consumer law proposals
A recently published report on the draft Consumer Rights Bill has called on the Government to resolve issues and inconsistencies in the draft.
08/01/2014 New sheriffs appointed
Solicitor Advocate Robert Fife and solicitor Shirley Foran have been appointed as sheriffs of North Strathclyde, according to the Scottish Government.
18/12/2013 New Senators to the College of Justice
The Scottish Government has announced the appointment of Sheriff Rita Rae QC and Sarah Wolffe QC as Senators to the College of Justice.
16/12/2013 Housebreaking prosecution policy tightened
A new prosecution policy for housebreaking will be in effect over the holiday period, Solicitor General Lesley Thomson QC announced today.
13/12/2013 New Tax Powers Bill
The Scottish Government has published the Revenue Scotland and Tax Powers Bill.
09/12/2013 Progress on recovering cross-border debts
The European Commission has announced progress towards the creation of a Europe-wide preservation order to help with recovering cross-border debts
06/12/2013 Cross-border crime investigation changes
Agreement has been reached on a Directive that should make it easier for judicial authorities to request investigative measures and obtain evidence in another EU country.
02/12/2013 Large firm insolvencies fall
The latest Business Insolvency Index from Experian reveals that the number of the UK’s largest companies becoming insolvent halved in October, compared to last year.
27/11/2013 The right to a fair trial
The European Commission has put forward a package of proposals to further strengthen procedural safeguards for citizens in criminal proceedings.
25/11/2013 Moves to tackle blacklisting
The Scottish Government has unveiled new guidelines requiring companies seeking public sector contracts to disclose whether they have been involved in blacklisting
20/11/2013 The future of the European Court of Human Rights
The Council of Europe has launched a public consultation on the longer-term future of Europe’s human rights system, based on the European Convention on Human Rights and the European court in Strasbourg.
18/11/2013 Forced marriage – call for evidence
The Justice Committee of the Scottish Parliament has issued a call for evidence on certain aspects of a UK Bill dealing with forced marriage.
15/11/2013 Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service
Legislation to merge the Scottish Court Service and the Scottish Tribunals Service into the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service will be brought forward early next year.
14/11/2013 Programme of court closures underway
The Scottish Court Service has confirmed that its programme of restructuring began this month with the last sitting day at Annan Justice of Peace Court.
07/11/2013 Freedom of movement boost for EU workers
Members of the EU Parliamentary Committee on Employment and Social Affairs have agreed on measures that will help EU citizens who want to work in another member state.
05/11/2013 Non-payment of tribunal awards - research
Only 49% of people who were awarded a pay out at an employment tribunal received their payment in full, according to new research.
31/10/2013 Developments relating to non-EU seasonal workers
Non-EU seasonal workers look set to get better working and living conditions, including a minimum wage and proper accommodation, under a new draft law.
28/10/2013 Cameras in court – consultation
The Review Group looking at the policy of recording and broadcasting proceedings in court has launched a consultation on ‘Cameras and live text-based communication in the Scottish courts’.
16/10/2013 New policy for crimes against the elderly
COPFS has published a new prosecution policy aimed at dealing with crimes against older people.
14/10/2013 Approval for Tribunals Bill
The Scottish Parliamentary Justice Committee has welcomed the Tribunals (Scotland) Bill in its stage one report on the Bill, published today.
11/10/2013 Immigration Bill laid in Parliament
The Home Office has laid the Immigration Bill before Parliament, claiming that it will be fair to those who play by the rules while cracking down on people breaking the law.
07/10/2013 The right of access to a lawyer
The European Council of Ministers has formally adopted a directive on the right of access to a lawyer in criminal proceedings.
04/10/2013 Launch of International Centre for Energy Arbitration
An International Centre for Energy Arbitration (ICEA) was launched in Scotland this week.
30/09/2013 Lord Hodge to be sworn in
Lord Hodge will be sworn in as a Supreme Court Justice tomorrow (1st October), joining the UK’s highest court at the start of its fifth year.
27/09/2013 SLAB advice on counsel appearing without an agent
SLAB has issued advice for solicitors on how it will approach charges made by solicitors for attendance behind counsel in the wake of the recent ruling by the Dean of Faculty
25/09/2013 Scottish Civil Justice Council launches
The Scottish Civil Justice Council (SCJC) was officially launched earlier this week.
19/09/2013 Strengthening the competition regime
New measures that will strengthen and streamline the UK’s new competition regime have been outlined by the Competition Minister Jo Swinson.
17/09/2013 Responses to court reform consultation
The Scottish Government has published details of the responses it received to its consultation on Courts Reform, launched in March this year.
12/09/2013 Fortis Chambers
The first chambers consisting only of solicitor advocates has been launched in Scotland. Fortis Chambers offers criminal law services in both the trial and appeal courts from both senior and junior counsel.
09/09/2013 Reconviction rates fall again
Reconviction rates in Scotland are now at their lowest level in 14 years, according to new Government statistics.
06/09/2013 New housing tribunal
The Scottish Government has announced that a new housing tribunal for the private rented sector is to be created, to tackle disputes between landlords and tenants.
03/09/2013 Reform of Protected Trust Deeds
New regulations have been laid in the Scottish Parliament, aimed at improving the transparency of Protected Trust Deeds and addressing the disparity between costs and returns.
28/08/2013 Regulator’s findings on private health care
The Competition Commission has published provisional findings on privately-funded healthcare services
27/08/2013 Rehabilitation of Offenders – a discussion paper
The Scottish Government has published a discussion paper on how the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 might be modernised and reformed in Scotland.
22/08/2013 Mis-sold insurance redress package
The FCA has announced an agreement that should pave the way for redress for customers who were mis-sold particular types of card protection and identity protection policies.
20/08/2013 Research reveals bonus pay gap
New research has again highlighted the gender pay gap in UK companies.
14/08/2013 The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974
A new report from the SCCJR has revealed that over one third of Scottish men and nearly a tenth of women are likely to have one or more criminal convictions.
12/08/2013 New CCTV code of practice
CCTV and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems are subject to a new code of practice from today.
01/08/2013 Firearms licensing and domestic violence
Individuals with a history of domestic violence should not be permitted to possess a firearm or shotgun, according to newly published Home Office guidance
29/07/2013 Employment tribunal fees now in operation
New rules are now in force, requiring the payment of a fee when lodging a claim in an employment tribunal or to the Employment Appeal Tribunal
25/07/2013 Consultation on reporting restrictions
The Scottish Civil Justice Council has launched a consultation on plans to amend the current rules on reporting restrictions in the Court of Session
22/07/2013 Progress on plans to tackle VAT fraud
The European Council of Ministers has adopted two directives aimed at dealing with VAT fraud.
18/07/2013 Whistleblowing protections under review
The Government is taking another look at the current whistleblowing laws, to assess whether there is enough support for people to report wrongdoing.
15/07/2013 Corporate transparency proposals
The Business Secretary has published a discussion paper outlining measures to improve corporate transparency and strengthen director disqualification laws.
11/07/2013 UK to opt-out of EU crime measures
The UK is to opt out of EU policing and criminal justice measures, the Government announced this week
08/07/2013 New OFT leniency guidance
The OFT has published revised and detailed leniency guidance, aimed at providing a clear and practical framework for leniency applications.
27/06/2013 Marriage and Civil Partnership (Scotland) Bill published
The Scottish Government has published a Bill to allow same sex couples to marry in Scotland.
25/06/2013 Step closer to abolition of corroboration
The Scottish Government has included provisions to abolish corroboration in criminal trials in the Criminal Justice (Scotland) Bill, published last week.
19/06/2013 Drop in recorded crime
New statistics have shown a fall of 13% in the number of crimes recorded by the police in Scotland between 2011-12 and 2012-13.
17/06/2013 Draft Consumer Rights Bill published
The Government has published the draft Consumer Rights Bill, which is intended to enhance consumer rights and make them easier to understand.
12/06/2013 EU principles for collective redress mechanisms
The European Commission has set out a series of common, non-binding principles for collective redress mechanisms in the Member States.
10/06/2013 Changes to careless driving penalties
The Government last week announced that new measures will soon give the police powers to issue fixed penalty notices for careless driving
05/06/2013 Insolvencies stay low in April
The positive trend in the business insolvency rate continued in April, according to the latest Business Insolvency Index from Experian.
03/06/2013 Committee supports Victims and Witnesses (Scotland) Bill
Communications between criminal justice organisations and victims and witnesses must be improved, according to the Scottish Parliament’s Justice Committee.
30/05/2013 Scottish Civil Justice Council appointments
The Scottish Civil Justice Council has announced the appointment of the first members of the Council, which was established on 28th May.
27/05/2013 Forum for adults placed in care as children
Proposals to create a National Confidential Forum have been supported by the Scottish Parliament’s Health and Sport Committee.
24/05/2013 Making Justice Work - Courts Reform (Scotland) Bill
A response from the Society of Solicitor Advocates
23/05/2013 EU-wide protection order goes ahead
Victims of violence will soon be able to count on EU-wide protection, after the European Parliament voted to endorse the European Commission's proposal for an EU-wide protection order
20/05/2013 Juries confused about internet rules
New research has revealed that almost a quarter of jurors are confused about the rules on internet use during a trial.
16/05/2013 Commonwealth Games trading regulations
The Scottish Government is consulting on draft regulations that will ban unauthorised street trading, advertising, ambush marketing and busking during the Games
14/05/2013 Fall in number of repossessions
There were 1,600 fewer repossessions in the first quarter of 2013 than in the first quarter of 2012, says the CML.
09/05/2013 Tribunal reform announced
The Scottish Parliament has published new legislation intended to create a more user-friendly, simplified structure for Scotland’s tribunals.
07/05/2013 New rules for drink drivers
The Department for Transport has announced the tightening of some rules relating to drink drivers. These effectively mean that from 1st June High Risk Offenders will have to pass a medical before they are allowed back on the roads.
03/05/2013 Commission Chair Appointed
The Rt Hon Lord Bonomy has agreed to chair an independent Commission looking at the approach to the cremation of infants and the disposal of ashes across Scotland.
28/11/2012 Launch of Instruct+
The Society of Solicitor Advocates (SSA) is delighted to announce the launch of an online enquiry system known as Instruct+
27/11/2012 Bribery Act and self-reporting – the first civil settlement
Details of the first civil settlement made under the Bribery Act self-reporting initiative were published last week.
22/11/2012 Unclogging the courts
Costly and spurious review cases which clog up the courts in England and Wales are to be reformed under plans announced by Justice Secretary Chris Grayling this week
21/11/2012 Progress for EU cross-border rules
The European Parliament has overwhelmingly backed European Commission proposals to help businesses and consumers resolve cross-border legal disputes more easily
20/11/2012 Move for Irvine JP Court
The Scottish Court Service has announced that Irvine JP Court will move to Kilmarnock from Monday 24th December.
23/10/2012 Judges respond to consultation on Carloway Report
The Judges of the High Court of Justiciary have now submitted their response to the Carloway consultation.
22/10/2012 Cameras in court - a review
A review is to be carried out into the use of television cameras in court.
02/10/2012 Lord Neuberger sworn in as new Supreme Court President
Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury has been sworn in as the new President of the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom
03/09/2012 New Master of the Rolls
The Right Honourable Lord Dyson has been appointed as Master of the Rolls...
26/07/2012 Court Fees Consultation
The Society of Solicitor Advocates has responded to the Court Fees Consultation.
11/04/2012 Appointments to new Prosecution Networks
Three senior procurators fiscal have been appointed to lead new prosecution' networks' ....
09/04/2012 Strengthened knife crime prosecution policy
Anyone arrested with a knife in Scotland's town and city centres will now prosecuted on petition ....
01/04/2012 EU cybercrime centre proposed
A proposal has been made by the European Commission to establish a European Cybercrime Centre ...
26/03/2012 Reform of tribunals in Scotland
As part of its ongoing review of Scotland's court and tribunals systems the Scottish Government has launched a consultation on reforming Scotland?s tribunal system.
23/03/2012 Appointment of Queen's Counsel
The Lord Justice General has launched the application process for those seeking recommendation for appointment as Queen?s Counsel in Scotland.
22/03/2012 Response to the Taylor Review
The Society of Solicitor Advocates has responded to the Taylor Review consultation and has come out strongly in favour of the existing systems for recovery of legal fees and expenses in civil cases
21/03/2012 Monies recovered from suspected
At Dumfries Sheriff Court, £34,350 was forfeited by Andrew Marc Ould under the Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) 2002.
21/03/2012 Government seeks views on dismissal rules
A Call for Evidence has been published in terms of which the current dismissal process is to be examined.
14/03/2012 Impact of bail reforms on SJR
A recent report publishes the findings from the Evaluation of the Impact of Bail Reforms on Summary Justice Reform.
12/03/2012 Crime does not pay: cracking down on criminal profits
The European Commission has proposed new rules for more effective and widespread confiscation of funds and other property acquired through crime.
08/03/2012 Report on summary justice reform
A report has been published by the Scottish Government, which aims to evaluate how far reforms to undertakings have succeeded in meeting their objectives under the ongoing process of Summary Justice reform.
06/03/2012 Judicial Discipline Consultation
A consultation has been launched by the Office for Judicial Complaints (OJC) on proposed changes to the procedures concerning the handling of complaints relating to and discipline of judges.
29/02/2012 POCA used to target drug dealers earnings
At the High Court in Edinburgh Confiscation Orders were granted recently against two convicted drug dealers from Dunfermline and Glasgow.
28/02/2012 Bankruptcy Law Consultation
A consultation has been launched containing recommendations on several aspects of bankruptcy law reform.
23/02/2012 Sheriff approves application for BRO
Scotland's insolvency service, Accountant in Bankruptcy (AiB), recently secured another Bankruptcy Restriction Order (BRO) where an individual had behaved irresponsibly prior to the award of bankruptc
21/02/2012 Appointment of new sheriffs
Two new sheriffs have recently been appointed.
16/02/2012 Domestic abuse court pilot at Livingston
A dedicated domestic abuse court is being piloted at Livingston Sheriff Court from 16th February.
14/02/2012 2011 repossessions lowest since 2007
New data produced by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) reveals that the total number of properties taken into possession by first-security mortgage lenders in 2011 was 36,200.
09/02/2012 Report on criminal justice system
The success or value for money of services to reduce re-offending in Scotland cannot be determined based on the data currently gathered by the Government, says a new report by the Public Audit committee
09/02/2012 Report on criminal justice system
The success or value for money of services to reduce re-offending in Scotland cannot be determined based on the data currently gathered by the Government, says a new report by the Public Audit committee
06/02/2012 Lord Reed joins Supreme Court, as highest court joins Twitter
Lord Reed was sworn in as a Justice of the Supreme Court on 6th February 2012, taking the judicial bench of the highest court in the land to a full complement of twelve Justices.
03/02/2012 Fast-track justice
The Scottish Government has welcomed the encouraging results of a pilot project designed to speed up the punishment of low level offenders sentenced to a Community Payback Order.
31/01/2012 Crown pilots witness texting programme
The Crown and Procurator Fiscal Service has announced that it has launched a pilot to text witnesses to remind them to attend court.
27/01/2012 Royal Assent for Offensive Behaviour Bill
The Offensive Behaviour at Football and Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act has now received Royal Assent.
25/01/2012 COPFS unveils CJSM
Secure email system introduced by COPFS
13/01/2012 Protective Expenses Orders
The Scottish Government is consulting on proposals for a costs capping scheme in cases challenging decisions by public authorities which impact on the environment.
10/01/2012 Call to safeguard information rights
The outgoing Scottish Information Commissioner, Kevin Dunion, will today recommend measures which he believes should be taken to safeguard and strengthen rights to information in Scotland.
24/12/2011 Legal dress changes in the Supreme Court
Advocates appearing before the UK Supreme Court or the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council may, by agreement, now dispense with any or all of the elements of traditional court dress
20/12/2011 Appointments to the Supreme Court
Lord Reed and Lord Justice Carnwath CVO have been appointed as new Justices of the Supreme Court.
13/12/2011 Domestic abuse court for Edinburgh
A domestic abuse court is to be piloted at Edinburgh Sheriff Court
13/12/2011 Partnerships - criminal liability
The Scottish Law Commission has published its Report on the Criminal Liability of Partnerships
21/11/2011 Carloway Review recommendations
A package of proposals to overhaul Scots criminal law has been unveiled following a year-long independent review by the High Court Judge, Lord Carloway.
15/11/2011 Taskforce to stamp out green crime
An Environmental Crime Taskforce is being set up in Scotland to tackle the growing problem of environmental crime - from illegal dumping to organised crime.
09/11/2011 Cold Case Unit identifies first cases
The first murders for re-investigation by the Crown Office Cold Case Unit have been identified from a list of 93 cases
07/11/2011 Pro bono call
Legal charity LawWorks Scotland is urging lawyers to make an annual donation of 10 hours of their time to mark the UK?s 10th Pro Bono Week
03/11/2011 Risk of crime falling
Fewer Scots are likely to become victims of crime, according to the largest survey of perceptions and experiences of crime carried out in Scotland.
29/09/2011 Scottish Civil Justice Council
The Scottish Government is consulting on plans to replace the existing civil rules councils with a single Scottish Civil Justice Council
22/09/2011 Standing Junior Counsel to the Scottish Government
The Lord Advocate is looking to appoint nine Standing Junior Counsel to act on behalf of the Scottish Government
19/09/2011 Frank Maguire
Former President of the Society, Frank Maguire died on Saturday at the age of 55
15/09/2011 Supreme Court jurisdiction - report published
The UK Supreme Court should still act as a court of appeal within the Scottish criminal justice system, but in an even more limited way, according to a report published this week
15/09/2011 Special Counsel
The Lord Justice General is inviting applications from advocates and solicitors seeking nomination to the list of special counsel.
12/09/2011 Crime figures at 35 year low
New official statistics reveal that recorded crime fell again last year to its lowest level since 1976.
30/08/2011 Appointment of Queen's Counsel
Solicitor Advocate, and Society of Solicitor Advocates' Vice President (Crime), John Scott has been appointed a Queen's Counsel. He is among ten new QCs appointed this week.
08/07/2011 Applications for Senior Advocate Deputes
The latest round of applications for the position of Senior Advocate Depute is underway. Applications should be submitted by 29th July 2011.
05/04/2011 Appointment of Queen's Counsel
Applications for the latest round of appointment as Queen's Counsel must be in by 26th April.
18/01/2011 Appointment of Commissioner to the Scottish Law Commission
The Scottish Ministers are seeking applications for the position of Commissioner to the Scottish Law Commission.


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