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EU cybercrime centre proposed 01/04/2012 A proposal has been made by the European Commission to establish a European Cybercrime Centre ...

EU cybercrime centre proposed

A proposal has been made by the European Commission to establish a European Cybercrime Centre to help protect European citizens and businesses against cybercrime.

The proposal is part of a series of measures proposed by the Commission that seek to protect citizens from online crimes.

The centre will be established within the European Police Office, Europol in The Hague (The Netherlands). It will be the European focal point in fighting cybercrime and will focus on illegal online activities carried out by organised crime groups, particularly those generating large criminal profits, such as online fraud involving credit cards and bank credentials.

The proposed centre will also deal with the following;

  • preventing cybercrimes affecting e-banking and online booking activities, thus increasing e-consumers trust;
  • protecting social network profiles from e-crime infiltration and helping the fight against online identity theft;
  • cybercrimes which cause serious harm to their victims, such as online child sexual exploitation;
  • cyber-attacks affecting critical infrastructure and information systems in the Union;
  • warning EU Member States of major cybercrime threats and alerting them to weaknesses in their online defences;
  • identifying organised cyber-criminal networks and prominent offenders in cyberspace; and
  • providing operational support in concrete investigations, be it with forensic assistance or by helping to set up cybercrime joint investigation teams.

"Millions of Europeans use the internet for home banking, online shopping and planning holidays, or to stay in touch with family and friends via online social networks. But as the online part of our everyday lives grows, organised crime is following suit - and these crimes affect each and every one of us," said Cecilia Malmström, European Commissioner for Home Affairs. "We can't let cybercriminals disrupt our digital lives. A European cybercrime centre within Europol will become a hub for cooperation in defending an internet that is free, open and safe."

The hope is that the centre will start operations in January of next year.


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