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Research reveals bonus pay gap 20/08/2013 New research has again highlighted the gender pay gap in UK companies.

Research reveals bonus pay gap

New figures from the CMI (Chartered Management Institute) and salary specialists XpertHR, have highlighted the gender pay gap in UK companies. The figures look in particular at bonuses, and reveal that male managers earned average bonuses twice as big as those of their female counterparts.

Over the last 12 months men received an average bonus of £6,442 compared to the £3,029 given to women. This comes on top of average male basic salaries almost 25% bigger (£38,169 compared to £29,667).

Analysis of the National Management Salary Survey, which includes data from more than 43,000 UK workers, shows men stand to earn over £141,500 more in bonuses than women doing the same role over the course of a working lifetime. 

In response to the findings, the CMI has set out a proposed roadmap for culture change, focusing on three key areas:

  • Measure and report on equality. All organisations should set targets for the percentage of women and men at junior, middle and top levels and publish progress against these, it says.
  • Extend flexible working for men and women. Flexible working options and shared parental leave will help bring about a culture shift. Greater flexibility, especially at the top, appeals to both sexes – and can help reshape cultural norms.
  • Sponsor, mentor, develop. Sponsorship and mentoring of talented women should be part of an organisation’s DNA.

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