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CMS Employer Self Service launches 25/02/2014 The UK Government has launched a service that will make it easier for businesses to deduct child maintenance from employees’ wages.

CMS Employer Self Service launches

The UK Government has announced the launch of the Child Maintenance Service Employer Self Service, which is designed to make it easier for businesses to meet their legal obligation to deduct child maintenance from employees’ wages.

The new online service is being introduced gradually and will eventually be available for all employers who administer Deduction from Earnings Orders with the Child Maintenance Service and will help ensure these payments are accurate and paid on time, every time.

Businesses can report when any employee for whom they deduct maintenance stops working for them in one easy click through to the HMRC website.

The system will work like online banking, helping employers manage their account whenever it is convenient for them to do so. They can check their monthly Deduction from Earnings Order schedules, make safe and secure payments, send enquiries and give feedback.

More information is available here.

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