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Equally Safe strategy launched 25/06/2014 A new strategy aims to eradicate all forms of violence against women and girls, creating a society where all can feel equally safe and respected.

Equally Safe strategy launched

A new strategy, developed by the Scottish Government, COSLA and a range of partners, has been published, setting out plans to eradicate all forms of violence against women and girls, aiming to create a society where all can feel equally safe and respected.

The strategy will involve a comprehensive review of the justice system in Scotland, including consideration of the law relating to sexual offences and domestic abuse and whether the current law reflects the true experience of victims of long-term abuse and whether additional criminal offences are required.

It highlights the need for every area of Government and wider society to play a role in tackling this issue. It calls on the engagement of the police, the NHS, community planning partnerships as well as the civil and criminal justice systems, social work, housing, media, businesses, employers, trade unions and third sector organisations to play their part in creating a society where all women and girls can feel safe, respected and equal in our communities.

The launch of the strategy was welcomed by Solicitor General Lesley Thomson QC.

“It emphasises the ongoing commitment that Scotland has to tackling violence against women and girls,” she said. “The strategy highlights the need for all partners to continue the modernisation drive in the way we tackle domestic abuse cases. We particularly welcome the commitment to a root and branch review of how the criminal justice system deals with domestic abuse, including plans to monitor our effectiveness and the level of reoffending.”

“Prosecutors already work closely with the police and other agencies which offer support to victims to ensure that our approach to these appalling crimes is the right one,” she added. “The COPFS had made tacking domestic abuse a priority and last year I appointed a specialist prosecutor in this area to ensure that we have the expertise in bringing perpetrators to justice and offer the necessary support to victims.”

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