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Directive on antitrust damages actions 11/11/2014 The EU Council of Ministers has formally adopted a Commission proposal for a Directive on antitrust damages actions

Directive on antitrust damages actions

The EU Council of Ministers has formally adopted an EU Commission proposal for a Directive on antitrust damages actions, which will help citizens and companies claim damages if they are victims of infringements of EU antitrust rules.

Among other things, it will give victims easier access to evidence they need to prove the damage suffered and more time to make their claims. At the moment, while the EU Court of Justice has acknowledged the right for victims of antitrust infringements to be compensated for the harm suffered, national procedural obstacles and legal uncertainty often get in the way.

The Directive is also designed to achieve a more effective enforcement of the EU antitrust rules overall: it will fine-tune the interplay between private damages claims and public enforcement, and preserve the attractiveness of tools used by European and national competition authorities, in particular leniency and settlement programmes.

The Directive is expected to be formally signed during the European Parliament's plenary session at the end of November. Member States will have two years to implement it.

The move has been welcomed by the Commission. According to EU Commissioner in charge of competition policy Margrethe Vestager, we need a more robust competition culture in Europe.

“So I am very glad that the Council has now also formally approved the Directive on antitrust damages actions. I am very pleased that it will be easier for European citizens and companies to receive effective compensation for harm caused by antitrust violations," she said.


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