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Recorded crime reaches 40 year low 25/11/2014 Recorded crime in Scotland has reached a record 40 year low, according to the newly published Recorded Crime Statistics

Recorded crime reaches 40 year low

Recorded crime in Scotland has reached a record 40 year low, according to official statistics. The Recorded Crime Statistics, published by Scotland’s Chief Statistician, reveal that crimes went down by one percent to 270,397 in 2013-14 compared to 273,053 in the previous year and are now at the lowest level since 1974.

Key figures from the report include:

  • Violent crime down by 10% in 2013-14 (lowest level since 1974).
  • The crime clear up rate is the highest since comparable records began in 1976.
  • Sexual crimes increased by 12% last year. Police Scotland says around half this increase is through a rise in reports of historic crimes (more than 12 months after the crime occurred).
  • Crimes of handling an offensive weapon, including knives, are down by five percent last year, a fall of 62% since 2006-07 and the lowest level since 1986.
  • The number of homicides (common law murder and culpable homicide) is down on the previous year from 65 to 61, half the number recorded in 2006-07. Following a decrease last year, death by dangerous or careless driving is up from 19 in 2012-13 to 37 in 2013-14.
  • Crimes of fire-raising and vandalism decreased by nine percent.
  • Dishonesty crimes, including housebreaking, shoplifting and other thefts, are up by one percent but have been on a downwards trend since 1991.

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