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Prison monitoring reforms approved 14/01/2015 A new system to improve the way in which prisons are monitored in Scotland is to be introduced.

Prison monitoring reforms approved

A new system to improve the way in which prisons are monitored in Scotland will be introduced after the Scottish Parliament this week approved plans that will improve scrutiny of prisons right across the country.

The plans:

  • Establish a new independent monitoring service for Scottish Prisons
  • Ensure all aspects of prisons are fully and independently monitored
  • Provide a system where improvements can be made to conditions in prisons and the treatment of prisoners should they be needed
  • Meet Scottish Government obligations under the UN Convention Against Torture (OPCAT) and the National Preventative Mechanism (NPM)
  • Give Independent Prison Monitors powers to visit any prison without prior notice, at any time, access any part of a prison, speak to any prisoner privately and investigate any matter a prisoner brings to them

The new service also be subject to regular review through an Advisory Group set up by the Chief Inspector of Prisons for Scotland, which will have an independent Chair and include representatives from the Scottish Human Rights Commission alongside other agencies.

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