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View Supreme Court proceedings 13/05/2015 The UK Supreme Court last week launched an on-demand video archive of past hearings

View Supreme Court proceedings

The UK Supreme Court last week launched an on-demand video archive of past hearings, allowing interested parties to watch hearings of cases that have taken place in the past year. The move complements the live streaming service already offered by the court.

"Now justice can be seen to be done at a time which suits you," said Lord Neuberger, President of the Supreme Court. "The archive will help people see the background to decisions made in our highest appeal court. It will also be useful to the legal profession and serve as an informative tool for those considering a career in the law."

Details of the new service can be found here but, according to the court website, will include proceedings from the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council.

“Footage of the proceedings in court will be freely available via each case's page on the Supreme Court website, and will be uploaded the next working day. Once judgment is delivered, footage of the Justices' summary in court will also be published alongside the full judgment text and press summary,” says the announcement. “Footage will remain available for approximately one year after the court hearing, before being removed to make way for new cases. For copyright reasons, users will not be able to download the footage for long term storage or editing.”

The service will be reviewed in March next year.

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