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Fall in crime on Britain’s railways 19/08/2015 Crime on Britain’s railways has fallen by 8% this year, when compared to 2013/14, according to the British Transport Police

Fall in crime on Britain’s railways

Crime on Britain’s railways has fallen by 8% this year, according to the 2014/15 annual report from British Transport Police (BTP).

The statistics show that:  

  • During 2014/15, BTP recorded an 8.2% drop in offences 
  • Theft of passenger property decreased by 16%
  • Violent crime and sexual offences are both up

In 2014/15, the force recorded a total of 46,688 notifiable crimes, down from more than 50,000 in the preceding 12 months. According to the BTP, the improved performance is thanks, in part, to major successes in a number of key areas – including effective targeting of robbery and fraud offences, both down by 18%, and reductions in the theft of passenger property, such as smartphones and tablets, down by 16%. 

However, the force acknowledges that not all categories of crime have experienced a fall. An additional 724 violent crimes were recorded by BTP in 2014/15, which represents a rise of eight percent, albeit this is much lower than the average rise reported by Home Office forces. The majority of cases were lesser types of assault involving pushing and shoving rather than those resulting in more serious injuries.

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