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Reform of tribunals in Scotland 26/03/2012 As part of its ongoing review of Scotland's court and tribunals systems the Scottish Government has launched a consultation on reforming Scotland?s tribunal system.

Reform of tribunals in Scotland

As part of its ongoing review of Scotland’s court and tribunals systems the Scottish Government has launched a consultation on reforming Scotland’s tribunal system.

The proposals contained in the consultation centre around creating a unified, integrated structure which will be brought under the judicial leadership of the Lord President.

The intention is to create two generic tribunals, a First-tier and an Upper-tier, in which to transfer the separately operating tribunals in Scotland. By bringing the tribunal judiciary under the leadership of the Lord President it is hoped that genuine judicial independence will be achieved.

The Government believes that the proposals will address concerns regarding tribunal independence, system coherence and quality of service. The idea is to make structural and organisational improvements while retaining the benefits of the current specialised tribunal system.

It is hoped that this will lead to a clearer, simpler and more effective way of resolving citizen to state and party to party disputes while also improving service to users and securing better value for public money.

“I want to bring greater clarity and cohesiveness to Scotland’s tribunal system, ensuring that people at all points in the system receive a strong, fair and just service,” said Roseanna Cunningham, Minister for Community Safety and Legal Affairs. “Our proposed reforms will bring separate tribunals into a unified structure and provide for their independence by bringing judicial leadership under the Lord President. We also propose introducing new rule making procedures and new arrangements for the selection and appointment of tribunal judiciary.”

Views are sought by 15th June 2012.

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