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Applications for Senior Advocate Deputes 08/07/2011 The latest round of applications for the position of Senior Advocate Depute is underway. Applications should be submitted by 29th July 2011.

Applications for Senior Advocate Deputes

The Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service has advised that the latest round of applications for the position of Senior Advocate Depute is underway. Applications should be submitted by 29th July 2011.

The COPFS advert reads:

"The Lord Advocate invites applications for appointment to the position of Senior Advocate Depute to fill existing vacancies.

Appointments are open to members of the Faculty of Advocates, Solicitor Advocates and eligible members of the Crown Office and Procurator Fiscal Service, with not less than five years’ post-qualifying experience of legal practice in Scotland, whether as an advocate or as a solicitor. Appointments will usually be for a period of three years, though this can be varied to suit individual circumstances.

Senior Advocate Deputes will normally be expected to serve full-time, that is 220 days per year. Senior Advocate Deputes mark cases for prosecution in the High Court, handle most appeal cases and prosecute the most serious, complex and sensitive cases.

In addition to good advocacy and legal skills, you will have integrity, be impartial and have sound judgment; you will project confidence and be clear about objectives and priorities; you will be focused on delivering results; you will be able to work as part of a team, accept and embrace change, and have an awareness of the on-going changes being introduced to modernise the prosecution of serious crime.

To be appointed as a Senior Advocate Depute, experience of prosecuting in the High Court will normally be required, but the Lord Advocate may exceptionally appoint a candidate who does not have previous prosecution experience.

The service fee payable for Senior Advocate Deputes is £118,051. Income tax is deducted at source. Currently, the fee incorporates an allowance (£4,080) for all travel, accommodation and other incidental expenses incurred as an Advocate Depute. An additional allowance is available for those who, in any year, are allocated work outwith the Central Belt in excess of 15 days.

A selection panel will sift and consider applications and make recommendations to the Lord Advocate for appointment. Part of the selection process may involve an interview. The Lord Advocate will appoint as Crown Counsel those who appear to him to be best qualified regardless of ethnic origin, marital status, sexual orientation, political affiliation, religion or disability.

Contact for further information or to request an application form.

Completed applications must be submitted by Friday 29 July 2011."

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