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New curbs against drug-driving 25/04/2017 The Scottish Government is bringing in new curbs against motorists who endanger other road-users by taking the wheel under the influence of drugs.

New curbs against drug-driving

The Scottish Government is to build on Scotland’s drink-driving limits and existing laws against drug-driving with new curbs against motorists who endanger other road-users by taking the wheel under the influence of drugs.

It is currently illegal to drive while impaired by drugs and this offence will continue to operate, but the Scottish Government plans to introduce new drug-driving limits that will allow prosecutions where different drug types above specified levels are detected. This should mean it is easier to hold drug-drivers to account as there will be no requirement to prove that someone was driving in an impaired manner.

"While it is a long-standing offence to drive while impaired by drugs, by introducing new drug driving limits and roadside testing for the presence of drugs, we will strengthen the ability of our police and prosecutors to tackle the minority of drivers who recklessly put other road-users and themselves at risk,” said Cabinet Secretary for Justice Michael Matheson.

“Under the new offence, evidence of impaired driving will not be required with our law enforcement agencies instead able to investigate and prosecute on the basis of a driver being above the specified limits for individual drug types,” he explained.

The Scottish Government is in on-going discussions with Police Scotland, the Scottish Police Authority and the Crown Office & Procurator Fiscal Service on the operational requirements, including how roadside testing can be put in place.

Ministers intend to lay regulations by the end of 2017 for approval by MSPs, with implementation, including the need to have the necessary testing equipment in place, expected in 2019.

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