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New Administrative Sheriff 02/05/2017 Sheriff Kenneth McGowan was recently appointed as the new Administrative Sheriff for the All-Scotland Sheriff Personal Injury Court.

New Administrative Sheriff

Sheriff Kenneth McGowan was recently appointed as the new Administrative Sheriff for the All-Scotland Sheriff Personal Injury Court, located at Edinburgh Sheriff Court.

Sheriff McGowan is a graduate of Edinburgh University. As a solicitor he specialised in civil court work for 20 years, practising in the Court of Session and the Sheriff Court. He became a solicitor advocate in 1998. Prior to be appointed as full time sheriff in 2011, he served as an employment judge and as a part time sheriff.

Sheriff McGowan was among the sheriffs designated by Sheriff Principal Mhairi Stephen QC, the Sheriff Principal of Lothian and Borders, as specialists in actions of damages for personal injury.

The PI Sheriffs and staff have been carrying out a review of court procedures and practices, with a view to improving efficiency. As part of that review, Sheriff McGowan announced late last month that new arrangements for the programming of opposed motions in the PI court will take effect from today, 2nd May.

Presently, opposed motions are primarily dealt with in the Procedural Court, which is held on a Monday unless there is a court holiday. In addition, hearings for opposed motions are offered to agents on an ad hoc basis on days where no PI proofs are going ahead.

From Tuesday 2nd May 2017, short opposed motions lodged by 12:30pm on a court day will be heard on the third court day following. Special arrangements may still be required in those weeks where there are court holidays.

Long opposed motions will be allocated a calling date by administrative staff, taking account of the importance and urgency of the motion and the availability of parties and a suitable court slot.

While long motions will still be allocated to call in the Procedural Court where there is capacity, they will also be allocated to call before the PI Proofs’ Sheriff on other days of the week. The aim is to allow opposed motions to be dealt with more quickly.

Further details on the new arrangements can be found here.

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