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Justice Vision and Priorities 18/07/2017 he Scottish Government last week published a new ‘Vision and Priorities for Justice’ and its accompanying 2017-18 Delivery Plan.

Justice Vision and Priorities

The Scottish Government last week published a new ‘Vision and Priorities for Justice’ and its accompanying 2017-18 Delivery Plan. The aim of the new strategy is to create safer, just and more resilient communities across Scotland.

It identifies seven key priorities:

  • Enabling our communities to be safe and supportive, where individuals exercise their rights and responsibilities
  • Enabling our people, economy and infrastructure to respond to major risk, recover from emergencies and adapt to emerging threats
  • Modernising civil and criminal law and the justice system to meet the needs of people in Scotland in the 21st Century
  • Working with others to improve health and wellbeing in justice settings, focusing on mental health and substance use
  • Working to quickly identify offenders and ensure responses are proportionate, just, effective and promote rehabilitation
  • Improving the experience of victims and witnesses, minimising court attendance and supporting them to give best evidence
  • Using prison only where necessary to address offending or to protect public safety, focusing on recovery and reintegration.

“Over the last decade Scotland has become a safer place, with less crime, including violence, falling drug use, improved fire safety and better support when people are victims of crime or other serious incidents,” said Justice Secretary Michael Matheson. “But we strive for greater progress, not least while inequality continues to influence the likelihood of someone being a victim of crime or being drawn into offending. This is among the challenges outlined in the Vision paper, which also highlights the relatively poor physical and mental health of people in contact with the justice system.”

More details can be found here. The Strategy can be found here.


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