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Trafficking and Exploitation Risk Orders in force 01/11/2017 New powers to tackle trafficking suspects have come into force.

Trafficking and Exploitation Risk Orders in force

New powers to tackle trafficking suspects have come into force. Police can now apply to courts for a Trafficking and Exploitation Risk Order when they believe there is a risk someone may commit a trafficking or exploitation offence.

This means the suspect is effectively banned from a range of activity with potential restrictions on movement within the UK or on internet use.

The Risk Order completes implementation of Part 4 of the Human Trafficking and Exploitation (Scotland) Act 2015, granting Police and prosecutors more powers to detect and prosecute, and prevent exploitation. The power to make orders is at the discretion of the courts and it is for the courts to assess the proportionality of orders in each and every case.

Part 4 of the Act introduced two new court orders – Trafficking and Exploitation Prevention Orders (TEPOs), which came into force on 30th June, and Trafficking and Exploitation Risk Orders (TEROs). Both allow police, prosecutors and courts to protect the public from and deter trafficking and exploitation.

A TEPO can be made at the point of sentencing or by a court application by police, while a TERO can be made on the basis of strong suspicion by police that the person may commit such an offence. Once granted by the court, restrictions placed through a TERO are designed to protect others from psychological and physical harm.

A breach of either order is a criminal offence.


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