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SCJC sets out priorities for 2018/19 19/04/2018 The Scottish Civil Justice Council has identified seven priorities that it will be working on during the coming year.

SCJC sets out priorities for 2018/19

The Scottish Civil Justice Council, which prepares draft rules of procedure for the civil courts and advises the Lord President on the development of the civil justice system in Scotland, has identified seven priorities that it will be working on during the coming year.

These are:

  • Simple Procedure – review of the core Simple Procedure Rules and extension of those rules for special claims;
  • implementation of the remaining Gill recommendations – including compulsory pre-action protocols in personal injury cases; judicial case management in family actions; and Alternative Dispute Resolution;
  • implementation of the Civil Litigation (Expenses and Group Proceedings) (Scotland) Bill;
  • Brexit-related amendments;
  • improvements to court procedures, including Protective Expenses Orders; lay representation; expenses and taxation; regulation of fees; the Voice of the Child; extension of Simplified Divorce to cases, including those where children are under 16; Digital Reform; and commercial dispute resolution;
  • review of new rules; and
  • judicial rate of interest.

More details can be found here.

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