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Support for regulation of short-term lets 29/10/2019 A consultation on short-term lets has found wide support for regulation, according to independent analysis of the responses

Support for regulation of short-term lets

A consultation on short-term lets has found wide support for regulation, according to independent analysis of the responses, which has now been published. The Scottish Government is considering the findings.

More than 1,000 responses from communities, landlords and businesses raised a number of concerns about the effects of short-term lets - including anti-social behaviour, safety fears and the impact on the housing market – as well as highlighting the economic benefits.

They also reflected the understanding that issues vary across the country, with different problems in most rural settings compared to places like Edinburgh, where there is the highest concentration of short-term lets.

The findings are confirmed by the conclusions of independent research on the impact of short-term lets on communities, also recently published.

“Short-term lets can offer people a flexible and cheaper travel option, and have contributed positively to Scotland’s tourism industry and local economies across the country,” said Housing Minister Kevin Stewart. “However, we know that in certain areas, particularly tourist hot spots, high numbers of short-term lets are causing problems and often making it harder for people to find homes to live in.”

“The responses to our consultation confirm support for new controls over short-term letting of residential properties in these problem areas,” he explained. “We will carefully consider the evidence before setting out our proposals later this year. In the meantime we will continue to work with local authorities to support them to balance the unique needs of their communities with wider economic and tourism interests.”

Further details can be found here.


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