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Report on improving the parole process 26/11/2019 The Scottish Government has published its response to the consultation on ‘Transforming Parole in Scotland’.

Report on improving the parole process

The Scottish Government has published its response to the consultation on ‘Transforming Parole in Scotland’.

The report says that there will be more involvement for victims and opportunities for making greater use of electronic tagging of prisoners released on parole are to be explored.

Work will also include consideration of how new GPS monitoring capabilities can be used to ensure compliance with licence conditions, such as exclusion zones for the protection of victims.

Other actions in the Transforming Parole in Scotland consultation analysis report include:

  • exploring options for victim attendance at parole hearings;
  • incorporating specific criteria into the Parole Board rules for matters that may be taken into account relating to the safety and welfare of victims and their families; and
  • ensuring that licence conditions are fully explained to prisoners before they are released and that they understand the consequences of breaching their conditions.

There are also plans to amend the Parole Board rules to allow a prisoner’s failure to disclose the location of a victim’s body to be taken into account when deciding whether or not to grant parole.

“Scotland has a fair and robust parole system, but I know from listening to victims and their families that they can feel left out of parole cases which have affected their lives,” said Justice Secretary Humza Yousaf. “There was clear support in this consultation for greater victim involvement in the parole process and for their safety and welfare to be explicitly taken into account. These changes, including the increased use of exclusion zones, will help victims and families bereaved by crime to feel included, listened to and better protected."

“At the same time, I hope they will help prisoners to better understand the steps undertaken when they are eligible for parole, as well as the consequences of breaching a parole licence,” he added.

The report can be found here.


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