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Scottish Legal Sites

Judiciary of Scotland

The site contains information on judges and the work they do, an overview of the courts in Scotland, assistance for those attending court and a range of publications, including certain sentencing statements, summaries of court opinions and other important court decisions or announcements.

Scottish Law Online

Scottish Law Online is a collection of legal websites designed to assist all those with an interest in Scots Law, Scottish Law and Law in Scotland, aimed at law firms in Scotland, students, academics.

Law Society of Scotland

The Law Society of Scotland is the governing body for Scottish solicitors. The Society promotes the interests of the solicitors’ profession and those of the public in relation to the profession.

Scottish Law Commission

The Commission's task is law reform: to recommend ways of improving, simplifying and updating the law of Scotland.

Scottish Council of Law Reporting

The Scottish Council of Law Reporting is a not-for-profit company that publishes Session Cases and other materials intended to help promote the best practice of Scots law.

Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service

The Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service web site, contains information about the civil and criminal courts in Scotland. You will also find Scottish legal decisions published here.

Scottish Legal Complaints

The SLCC is an independent and impartial body which aims to build trust and confidence in legal services in Scotland.

The Society of Solicitors in the Supreme Courts in Scotland

The SSC Society is an independent membership body for lawyers in Scotland. Offering research and study facilities.

Scottish Sentencing Council

The Scottish Sentencing Council provide a comprehensive and accessible resource on sentencing including how a judge decides a sentence and what sentences are available in Scotland.


Scottish Law Associations

Scottish Young Lawyers' Association

The SYLA is a non profit-making organisation that exists to represent, educate and entertain young Scottish lawyers.

The Society of Writers to Her Majesty's Signet

The Society of Writers to Her Majesty's Signet promotes the highest standards of professional legal competence, with strategy dedicated to Membership, Professional Services and Events.

Scottish Law Agents Society

The SLAS exists to promote the interests of lawyers and solicitors in Scotland. 

Other Legal Sites

Solicitors Association of Higher Court Advocates

SAHCA is the only national association representing the interests of solicitors who practise or who aspire to practise as advocates in the Higher Courts in England and Wales.

World Legal Information Institute

Free, independent and non-profit access to worldwide law